Loan and Credit – An exciting service

Loan and Credit’s business concept is to help its customers get a loan as quickly and easily as possible. Loan and Credit is therefore not a bank in itself, but they offer a service that is intended to help you as a consumer.

It goes so that you enter how much it is that you want to borrow

It goes so that you enter how much it is that you want to borrow

Loan and Credit will then give you a number of proposals for loans from different banks. You then decide which bank you think is best and you will receive paper from the bank that you send and return. Then when the bank has got the papers back you will have your money paid out. The banks have two working days to submit a proposal to you. So it may not be as fast as it does if you borrow directly through a certain bank but the advantage is that you may be able to save money.

In our opinion, this is a clearly nice service that one can clearly test. Just remember that you should not only use Loan and Credit’s service although it is good. Also, look around yourself so you know you haven’t missed anything interesting.

These are pretty standard requirements set by Loan and Credit on potential borrowers. It is therefore required that there is a fixed income either from service or pension. A credit check must then also be passed and it assumes that the economy is in good order. The larger the desired loan, the higher the financial muscle requirements.

Payment notes


How large a loan is to be taken here plays a big role. If it is a loan over USD 30,000, you cannot get one with the help of Loan and Credit if there are active payment notes.

However, if a loan of up to USD 60,000 is applied for, there are opportunities to obtain it using Loan and Credit’s service. The usual credit check must of course still be passed and there must be no active debt with Kronofogden. If these conditions are met, it is possible to borrow money despite a payment note.

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