1,100-hp Red Bull RB17 hybrid hypercar coming in 2025 for $6 million

In 2016, when Aston Martin became sponsor and technology partner of Formula 1 team Red Bull, the British sports car manufacturer announced the AM-RB 001the hypercar that would become the Valkyrie. It was originally developed in conjunction with famed engineer Adrian Newey and the Red Bull Advanced Technologies team, but Aston eventually broke away from the F1 team and completed the Valkyrie on their own. Now Red Bull has announced its own in-house hypercar, the RB17, which is also created by Adrian Newey.

The RB17 is described as a two-seater that will provide the ultimate trail riding experience; it is unclear whether the car will also be road legal. The released teaser sketch shows off a dramatic silhouette with large fenders, a long tail, a compact bubble-shaped cabin and lots of aerodynamically optimized lines. (And yes, it looks a bit like the Valkyrie.) The RB17 will have a hybrid V8 powertrain with more than 1,100 horsepower, and Red Bull says it will use a carbon composite tub and the ground effects package. the most advanced on a production car.

Christian Horner, CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technologies – and, most importantly, husband of Ginger Spice – says the RB17 is a milestone for the marque as the car will be entirely designed, developed and manufactured at Headquarters of Red Bull in England. The RB17 will create more than 100 new jobs, and Red Bull says it will bring other economic benefits to the brand. The car will be fully factory supported, with each RB17 serviced and maintained for each customer’s specific use case.

Only 50 examples of the RB17 will be made when production begins in 2025, with the price set at more than $6 million each. Owners will have access to Red Bull’s simulators and will be invited to learn about the car’s development along the way, as well as special on-track experiences once it is delivered.