1400-HP Hoonicorn comes back stronger, it’s Ken Block against the world

There were a lot of rumors surrounding Ken Block’s new partnership with Audi. People were starting to wonder if he would hold up and drive one of his old cars. His bespoke Ford Mustang dubbed the “Hoonicorn” is safe and he will be back for the race sooner than you think.

About a year ago, Ken Block and his team at Hoonigan launched a new series called “Hoonicorn against the world”. After all, if you had a 1,400 horsepower Mustang in your garage, wouldn’t you want to use it? Even though this series was all about straight-line performance, it still managed to attract a large global audience. The first season had a total of 11 episodes plus a bonus video that showcased some of Block’s accomplishments with the car.

One by one, the Hoonicorn took on the following challenges: a 789 hp McLaren Senna Merlin, a 950 hp Ford Raptor Trophy Truck, a 1,500 hp Chevy Impala Donk, a 1,100 hp Audi RS3, a Ford F1 1,000 horses. truck, a 1240 horsepower Mazda RX-7, a 1,075 horsepower Chevy Nova, a 647 horsepower Ford GT, a 710 horsepower Ferrari F8 Tributo, a 762 horsepower Shelby GT500 and a 420 horsepower Merch Van. By far, the episode featuring Rob Dahm’s 4-rotor RX-7 was the most popular, with almost 10 million views on Youtube alone!

Some of these cars didn’t even come close to being a threat to the Hoonicorn. And that has led many people to ask for more serious challengers for future episodes. And it looks like Mr. Block has listened to the fans and is going to spice things up a bit for Season 2 of the “Hoonicorn against the world”. The Hoonicorn has received some upgrades and its opponents are going to be tougher than they were in Season 1! The teaser is only 24 seconds long, but we get a glimpse of what’s to come. We just have to wait until November 29 for the launch of season 2!

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