Apple TV Plus is coming to Panasonic TVs in UK and Europe

Apple TV Plus is now available on all Panasonic 4K TVs from 2017, which have the My Home Screen operating system.

The Apple TV Plus icon will now appear in the Application view of all compatible models, while owners of certain Panasonic displays will find the same icon on the Home screen. Availability of the platform is restricted to users in the UK and Europe, at this time.

The move comes a few months later Disney plus was added to compatible Panasonic TVs in September, and will be music to the ears (or eyes) of Panasonic owners looking to stay on top of the best Apple TV Plus shows available to stream in 2021.

This is also good news for Apple. After launching the Sky Glass and Sky Q in October, the availability of Apple TV Plus on Panasonic televisions should attract even more users to its subscription service.

The streamer in the making

Apple TV Plus has experienced something of a content renaissance in recent months. Not only have original shows like Ted lasso and Mythic Quest has proven itself to critics and the public alike, but Apple has invested heavily in big budget dramas like Foundation and Invasion too.

Salvor Hardin directs Anacreon's invading force toward a force-field barrier in Foundation episode 4

Foundation now broadcasts on Apple TV Plus (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Then came Finch’s arrival in November, the Tom Hanks-directed blockbuster about a wanderer and his robot dog, alongside The narrowing next door, with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. Both have shown Apple’s ability to attract top talent to its projects.

Perhaps most exciting of all, however, is the Martin Scorcese’s Over $ 180 Million Film, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, which Apple currently has in development.

Called Killers of the Flower Moon, the gritty gangster drama isn’t expected to arrive until early 2022, but Panasonic TV owners can rest easy knowing that Apple TV Plus is now just a click away.