Back 4 Blood trauma: why do my max HP keep dropping?

Those who play the Back 4 Blood Open Beta may notice their maximum health decreasing over time. This is due to the Trauma mechanic, which is not well explained in the game. We will see how Trauma works in Back 4 Blood and how to restore HP to their original maximum.

What does Trauma do in Back 4 Blood?

Each player starts with a certain number of max VP, which the cards can modify. As players take damage from enemies, they will lose both of their health and their maximum health will decrease due to damage from trauma. Basically, he can be seen as the character accumulating injuries over time. The players may be able to heal them, but the trauma is still there.

Damage from trauma is affected by difficulty. The higher a player’s difficulty, the more they will be affected by Trauma. While the mechanic is activated on all three difficulties, players will heal some trauma damage between chapters of Classic (Easy). However, it will take items to restore a player’s HP to maximum.

To remove trauma damage in Back 4 Blood, players can use one of three items: bandages, pain medication, medical kit. These have the following effects:

  • Pain Medication: Heals a small amount of damage and temporarily removes some trauma damage.
  • Bandage: restores a small amount of HP and recovers some trauma damage.
  • Medkit: Restores a large amount of HP and removes a large amount of trauma damage.

Players can also access medical stations which can be found scattered around the map. Using any of these will completely heal a user and remove all trauma damage. However, these have limited uses and are often behind doors that require a tool kit to open.

Thus, trauma damage reduces a player’s max HP in Back 4 Blood. It also adds more strategy when using healing items. Sometimes, even if a player is at their maximum health, it’s worth popping a healing item to remove trauma damage.