BMW 230i Coupe announced for Europe with 245 horsepower

As well as adding an xDrive version of the 430i Gran Coupe in Europe, BMW is also launching a 230i Coupe. It’s been on sale in the US for a while, but it’s only now that the RWD machine is heading to the Old Continent. It will be available from March, but you can already find it in the German configurator.

The bad news is that the Euro version is slightly underpowered compared to the equivalent North American variant. The 2.0 liter engine develops 245 hp (180 kW) or 10 hp less than in the United States of America. The silver lining is that you won’t lose any torque as it gets the same 400 Nm (295 lb-ft).

BMW engineers have tweaked the exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head to reduce emissions and improve power delivery. Additionally, the 230i coupe uses the latest turbocharging technology and works with a standard eight-speed Steptronic gearbox. It reaches 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, making it 1.6 seconds faster than the base 220i model.

2022 bmw 230i coupe melbourne red 9 830x623

The fourth flavor of the new 2 Series Coupe gets a launch control system and paddle shifters on the steering wheel as standard. In addition, customers can opt for an M sports differential in the final drive at an additional cost. The 230i retails from €43,200 in its home market, making the US model at $36,350 a bargain. This is usually the case because taxation in Europe is much higher. The value added tax (VAT) alone is 19% in Deutschland.

The 230i certainly won’t be the only update to the 2 Series Coupe family, as all eyes are on BMW to finally launch the M2. The German luxury brand will host the official premiere in the coming months, strictly with rear-wheel drive. The sports coupe will get manual and automatic transmissions, along with around 400 hp for the base model. The detuned S58 from the M2 Competition could pack an extra 30hp, but nothing is official at this point.

[Source: BMW]