Candidate seeking to overthrow Michael Bennet says senator is ‘out of touch’ with rest of state – Canon City Daily Record

Joe O’Dea is not a career politician. In fact, he never even ran for office.

But he calls on the Coloradans to give him a chance in the US Senate where he can be the voice of all citizens.

The owner of a Denver-based construction company is seeking to overthrow Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet in 2022.

“I’m actually just a business owner who has done a lot of different things in his life and who is more than qualified to go to the US Senate,” he told the Daily Record on Monday in a statement. stopover in Cañon City. “American workers deserve a voice in the United States Senate.”

He said Wall Street has a voice there, as do some Democratic special interests, but American workers don’t.

A carpenter by trade, O’Dea started his business in 1983 and knows what it’s like to work for a living, to provide and to balance a checkbook.

“We need that voice in the US Senate,” he said.

And its platform is simple.

“It’s designed to represent American workers and what we want,” he said. “We want to reduce debt, we want to reduce the role of government, we want to make sure our cities are safe, our military is funded, and we have great infrastructure on which we can drive our cars and turn off the water – those things. that we need to be successful in our own lives.

Besides being a voice for the Coloradans, he said he would be “laser focused” on “reckless spending” and debt reduction.

“We can’t just invest money in things and expect to fix them,” he said. “Paying people to stay at home is not the right answer. I think American workers want a small and efficient government. They don’t want a government, but they want a government that does exactly what it needs to do which is fund our military, fund our police, fund our critical infrastructure, and get out of the way in general. and let us lead our lives. “

Because of his work across the state, O’Dea said he has a good idea of ​​what people want.

“That’s part of the problem with Bennet right now, I think he’s very out of touch,” he said. “He knows what Denver wants, but he’s certainly not asking the rest of the state what he wants.”

He said Bennet “approves” everything President Joe Biden does – something he won’t do if elected next year.

“I’m going to represent Colorado,” O’Dea said. “We need an independent, conservative who will represent the ideals of Colorado – and Colorado is all – by ensuring that rural people are included.”

He said Bennet could be linked to failed economic policy, runaway inflation, soaring gas prices and no plan to tackle energy, the border, immigration and a broken supply chain. .

He believes partisanship and political divisiveness is the No.1 threat to America and its continued prosperity, but he wants to be the kind of senator who works with reasonable people on both sides of the aisle.

“I’ve always been a person who can reach across the aisle and at least respect people enough to listen to people’s ideas,” O’Dea said. “As an entrepreneur, you develop skills where you always put the project first. There are different stakeholders in every project and you have to listen to everyone to get the best end result. I will bring those skills to Washington and listen to people whether I like their ideas or not. I will listen to them so that we can find the best solution for Colorado.

O’Dea and his wife, Celeste, have an adult daughter who is an architect.

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