Cañon City School District Welcomes New Director of Business Services – Canon City Daily Record

The Cañon City School District recently hired a new Director of Business Services.

Heidi Anderson officially took ownership of her new role on April 1 and, after many years of financial expertise, is excited to tackle her new role.

Born and raised in Cañon City, Anderson is excited to participate in the neighborhood where she was once a student.

“I graduated from Cañon City High School and have two children who went to school in the district and also graduated here,” Anderson said.

Anderson graduated from CSU-Pueblo with an accounting degree in 2003 and easily returned to her hometown. She spent five years at Cañon City Recreation and Park District as Financial Manager and prior to that spent 10 years as Financial Manager at Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours.

When asked what brought her to work with the school district, Anderson’s response was encouraging.

“I really wanted a challenge and I missed working in the public. I started in the public and worked for CPA firms before going to work for the rec. neighborhood,” she said. “Public finance, government accounting, that’s something I’ve always loved doing. I really missed the feeling of giving back.

Although school finances are a new arena for Anderson, she is grateful to have colleagues ready and willing to help her as she learns the ins and outs of her new career.

“School funding is very difficult, but it’s something I don’t shy away from doing,” Anderson said.

Currently, it’s “budgeting season” in the district, and Anderson is learning about various school finances, budgeting, and the regulations around them. Keri Peterson, the assistant director of business services, has worked in the district for 24 years and has acted as something of a guiding and educating force for Anderson, which she is grateful for.

Anderson expects to continue learning all about the various financial aspects of the district over the coming year before she really spreads her wings as the new business manager.

“You take it a little at a time,” she said. “I know the language, I speak the language, it’s just learning it specifically at the school district.”

Like many employees of the Cañon City School District, Anderson looks forward to many happy years helping to raise children, even if it’s behind the scenes that few take the time to see.