Canon R3 is slow to drag on

December 16, 2021

Canon Japan has reported shipping delays of up to six months for its flagship full-frame mirrorless, the EOS R3, which was scheduled for release at the end of November.

Shipments of the R3 and RF14-35mm F4 L IS USM will drip to markets “in sequence,” the Canon Japan website said in a translation. A Canon Australia spokesperson confirmed that the Australian market had received “limited quantities” of shipments since late November.

Canon Japan and Australia attributed the shortages to the usual “high level of demand” “which exceeds expectations”, as well as the impact of the global supply of spare parts.

“At this point, it is difficult to predict the impact that this high level of demand combined with continued disruptions in the global supply chain will have on future order fulfillment,” said a spokesperson for Canon Australia. Interior imagery and other Australian photographic media.

When asked if certain products are affected, such as mainly new releases, the Canon spokesperson said: “Demand varies between both our new and existing product line, which can lead to disruption. more pronounced stocks on selected products “. We are working with our global headquarters to minimize this to the extent possible.

Interior imagery scoured various Australian online retailers and could not find any Canon EOS R3s in stock. This includes: Digidirect, CameraPro, Digital Camera Warehouse, Camera Electronic, Georges, Ted’s, Parramatta Cameras and JB Hi-Fi.


The R3 is also not available from major overseas sellers, such as B&H and Adorama in the US and Park Cameras in the UK.

Although it was released in late November, most Australian retailers are dealing with the shortage by offering the camera for pre-order or leftover, with some pointing to an allocation as early as early January.

But as Canon points out, a limited number of units were shipped to Australia. Some social media posts from Canon’s happy shooters confirm this. So based on that and the pre-order predictions, it doesn’t look like the offer has come to a complete stop with a six-month wait. But what is true for today may not be true for tomorrow, and the situation could get worse next year.

It’s not just Canon that faces parts issues, with a global semiconductor shortage plaguing manufacturers in all areas and outside of the photo industry. According to petapixel, which translated the Japanese reports, Sony suspended manufacturing of the Alpha ZV-E10 vlogging camera. Australian Photography also reports that the company suspended orders for the A7 II series, A6400 series and A6100 cameras last month due to a “spare parts purchase”.

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