Chromebooks: HP, Lenovo may be working on Chromebooks with RGB keyboard, here’s what that means

HP plans to launch a Chromebook with an RGB lighting keyboard as part of its Omen lineup. According to a report by 9to5Google, google has been preparing its operating system for gaming-specific PCs for quite some time. The report suggests that Google is working on a project dubbed “Borealis” which aims to ensure that Steam and various Linux-compatible PC games run smoothly on Chromebooks. Although Steam hasn’t officially revealed any information about it, the report claims that work on the project is ongoing.
According to changes spotted in Chrome OS, the tech giant is pushing to get support for color RGB keyboards on Chromebooks. A new feature flag supporting the plan was also discovered recently. According to the report, this will allow users to individually customize the intensity of red, green and blue for each key to suit their taste. Users may also be able to adjust the overall brightness of the keyboard backlight.
Based on analysis of hardware codenames associated with RGB keyboards such as Vell, Taniks and Ripple, the report suggests that HP and Lenovo may launch gaming Chromebooks in its line of performance laptops. It is not yet known when we will be able to see these gaming chromebook but the report suggests that Google may soon publicly announce its entry into the gaming space with a Chrome OS-based device.
Currently, there are very few performance-based Chromebooks available in the market. Although Chrome OS’s market share is small compared to Windows or macOS, it has become popular among new laptop buyers mainly due to its ability to run Android apps.