Fantastic Four Just Made Every “What If” Reality Part Of Marvel Canon

Thanks to a new discovery from Watcher, the latest Fantastic Four story officially makes every “What If” reality a part of Marvel history – all at once.

Warning: contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #43!

the The Fantastic Four have now officially placed each ‘What If?’ adventure in the Marvel canon proper – all at once. The team is known for traveling through space, time and even different dimensions, thanks to the genius of Reed Richards’ inventions and his propensity to encounter strange and otherworldly beings like Uatu the Observer. But in Fantastic Four #43the team realizes that every adventure that could actually happened did arrive.

the What if? comic series began in 1977 with the inaugural issue What if…Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four? The issue and the rest of the series were successful; this allowed writers to create stories without worrying about the complexity of the comic book canon and in many ways the one-off issues actually influenced later comics (Spider-Man partnered with several times at the Fantastic Four, although he never stayed with the team for long). The series even spawned a popular TV show in the form of Marvel and if…? on Disney+ in 2021. But within the pages of the comics, the entire series finally gets an explanation in canon.


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In Fantastic Four #43written by Dan Slott with art by Rachel Stott and Andrew Di Vitto, Susan Storm and Nick Fury rescue Uatu from the Seat of All Knowledge, where he had been forced to watch a what if universe (in particular, the events that have been chronicled in The Watcher’s Trial). The undulating void above the figures is called the Apex. “Our reality contains multiple connection points. Above them is the Apex,” explains Uatu. “The gateway to all possibilities – any What If world you can imagine.” Uatu’s fellow Watchers have built their new home around the Apex to protect it from Reckoning.

The Apex is a narrative device that comes to life, essentially canonizing every what if tale in Marvel history. It could also exist as a natural Forever Gate, a device Reed Richards built to travel to any reality in the multiverse. It could also be used to find variants of different dimensions; given how much emphasis Marvel places on the multiverse in 2022 in the comics and movies, that’s not out of reach.

The latest adventure of the Fantastic Four brings all their possible stories and makes them come true. The Watchers could also keep the Apex as part of their oath to never interfere: they don’t use the Apex, just observe it. the The Fantastic Four are in the midst of a universe-wide crossover event called the Judgment War, however, and if the enemy truly desires the Apex, they must muster all of their allies in order to defend it.

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