For Prashant Kishor, Cong missed the bus with Chintan Shivir

On Friday, poll strategist Prashant Kishor called Congress’s “Chintan Shivir” a failure as he attacked the meeting for “giving leaders time, at least until the impending election rout in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh”.

Kishor, who was involved in turbulent talks with the Grand Old Party earlier amid the buzz of joining them, dumped the party earlier this month, noting that the party needed leadership more than he did. and collective will to address deep-rooted structural issues. through transformational reforms.

Kishor had sought a free hand to rejuvenate Congress but some of the leadership remained suspicious of him and his association with other political parties.

Later, the strategist decided to opt for a new round of Bihar and is about to launch his “Jan Suraaj Abhiyan” (good governance campaign) from Vaishali district on May 20, well ahead of his proposed “padayatra “of 3,000 km on occasion. by Gandhi Jayanti on October 2.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Kishor said, “I have been asked many times to comment on the result of #UdaipurChintanShivir. In my opinion, he did not achieve anything significant other than to extend the status quo and give time in #Congress leadership, at least until the impending election rout in Gujarat and HP!

As Congress considered Kishor’s membership, some of the veterans had thought twice about joining, given his association with several political parties opposed to Congress. Even the party’s splinter group, popularly known as the G23, weren’t too impressed with the idea of ​​Kishor’s induction as they said management neglected and ignored internal talent and relied on someone else. one who is not loyal to the party and is a professional adviser.

The polls strategist previously joined the JD(U) but was kicked out in January 2020 for his stance on the Citizenship Amendment Act. He had been enlisted by the Trinamool Congress, the DMK and the Aam Aadmi Party in their campaigns for the assembly.

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