Green Lantern Made The Perfect Simpsons Joke Canon

Get ready to say “Whoo-hoo”! An off-the-cuff joke in The Simpsons Movie actually became canon during Green Lantern’s epic Sinestro Corps War arc.

The most popular comic book hero of The simpsons may be Radioactive Man, but The Green Lantern gives Springfield’s first family the respect they deserve. A gag featured in The simpsons apparently became canon just months after the film hit theaters.

As one of the longest-running shows of all time, The simpsons undoubtedly had a profound effect on pop culture. In its more than three decades on the air, it has become a behemoth of a property, creating a franchise consisting of video games, comic books, and an entire Universal Parks & Resorts subsection. The simpsons became infamous among the generations who grew up with the series and turned the classic jokes into memes that can be found on any corner of the internet. Seeing The Simpsons jokes take on new life is a testament to the animated family’s continued popularity.


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In the years before The Simpsons memes such as “Steamed Hams” would gain popularity, a joke seems to have been slipped into the pages of The Green Lantern. In The simpsons, matriarch Marge Simpson attempts to uncover the meaning of a mysterious phrase, “EPA”, unaware that it actually refers to the Environmental Protection Agency. She consults a local comic book lover, Comic Book Guy, who claims that “Eep-aa” was the sound Green Lantern made when he was thrown into a vat of acid by Sinestro. Such a comic doesn’t actually exist, but an interesting thing happened in Green Lantern #25 by Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reis hit the shelves. As Sinestro attacks Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner with a laser, the sound effect associated with the action is, in fact, “Eep-aa”.

Green Lantern Simpson DC Comics Reference

Sure, it’s not a vat of acid, but it’s a particularly specific onomatopoeia to use. The Simpsons Movie was released in the summer of 2007, while Green Lantern #25 came out in November of this year. Is it a coincidence that such a sound effect happened in a scene featuring Green Lantern and Sinestro? It’s possible, but given Geoff Johns’ penchant for incorporating heroes who have appeared in other media like great friends Wendy and Marvin (who have a brutal meta ending), it’s just as likely that the reference was intentional.

The comics have often been filled with winks and nods to other properties in innocuous ways. Part of the fun of creating content is seeing how works complement and influence each other. And it’s not like The simpsons has never riffed on DC before, lest fans forget Bart’s infamous “Bartman” alter ego. Adding a sound effect like “Eep-aa” didn’t change Green Lantern’s story, but it did do a favor by making the joke canon. The friendly exchange between The simpsons and The Green Lantern is a fun thing for readers and hopefully fans will see more of it someday.

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