Heat pump control becomes wiser

UK: Panasonic has partnered with Drayton by Schneider Electric’s complete connected home solution to offer room-by-room control for its heat pump systems in the UK.

This new partnership will allow installers of Panasonic’s Aquarea air-source heat pumps to offer their customers room-by-room heating control by equipping Wiser with the Aquarea system.

The combination of smart controls seamlessly integrates with Panasonic Aquarea air-source heat pumps and Aquarea Smart Cloud and Service Cloud apps, providing an added element of energy control and simple home automation.

Wiser can be configured in the usual way with the Panasonic Aquarea heat pump, allowing installers to easily create multi-zone systems, where heating is easily controlled remotely room by room.

Customers will be able to monitor and adjust heating in every room and via any internet-connected device, including Android and iOS apps and internet browsers. The app will allow users to eliminate unnecessary heating with Wiser’s smart modes.

“To achieve a net-zero home, different technologies will need to work together to optimize their performance,” said Remi Volpe, MD at Drayton. “This is particularly important with regard to the heating system and this new partnership with Panasonic will allow us to make Wiser a complete home automation solution. Phase 1 sees the integration of Wiser with Panasonic’s low-carbon Aquarea heat pump, and future phases will see the capabilities of the Wiser Home app expanded to include other Panasonic devices, such as lighting and electrical appliances.

Richard Bishop, UK and Ireland Marketing Manager at Panasonic, added: “This integration will give homeowners more control over every room in their home, as well as additional access to detailed information, giving them will enable more informed decisions to be made, at a time when it is more important than ever to control energy consumption.

When installed together, heating engineers can easily select Panasonic as a partner connection in the Wiser Home app, unlocking new Insight features, available exclusively to Panasonic Aquarea heat pump users.

In the dedicated Insights page, owners will be able to see the temperatures in each individual room or area.

Users will benefit from all the functionality of the Panasonic Smart Cloud app, such as scheduling and access to a detailed breakdown of system power consumption from 60 minutes to seven days and the ability to schedule settings to ensure a constant and comfortable temperature throughout.