How to choose compatible cartridges for your HP printer

The biggest downside to inkjet printers is the cost of supplies. The original ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, and for no good reason. Luckily, you don’t have to be loyal to the OEM product line, and money-saving options are just a click away. Find out how to spend less on printer ink the right way in 2022.

The price difference depends on your printer model and the brand of compatible consumables. For example, HP Officejet 6950 owners can save over 60% buying from the Smart Ink site. There, a bundle of hp 902xl costs $54.99 compared to more than $150 in the HP store.

Why such a disparity?

Printer manufacturers have always charged their customers generously for ink. The only official justification is their huge R&D cost. However, there is also a kind of plausible conspiracy theory – the “razor and blades” business model. The offers on basic products (printers) seem misleading given the high price of ink.

Obviously, manufacturers want you to keep buying their expensive supplies for years to come. Compatible ink brands are smaller companies with limited costs, so they can afford to offer substantial savings. However, these bargain providers are not created equal. You need a bit of due diligence to find a trusted store.

Compatible Vs. Refurbished

Third-party stores offer two types of products, both of which are cheaper than OEMs. In addition to compatible cartridges, which are designed and manufactured from the ground up, they may have a range of remanufactured products.

Refurbishment basically consists of refilling and refurbishing OEM cartridges. The service providers recover the used shells, give them a makeover and inject fresh ink. As a result, you get an original container, but the price is much lower. Just like compatible cartridges, refilled products are of certified quality, provided you buy them from trusted stores.

What to look for

Finding the right cartridge for your model is just the start. Pay close attention to the vendor’s track record, reputation, feedback, and customer support. Here are some characteristics of excellence in this industry:

  • Only quality certified in accordance with international standards (ISO, CE, Reach, STMC)
  • The latest version of the cartridge chip
  • High rating on platforms like Trustpilot
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free delivery with reliable packaging
  • Sustainable processes and products

The cartridge chip is crucial for recognition. Unfortunately, printer manufacturers release firmware updates that prevent the use of compatible consumables. Reliable brands follow these changes and only sell updated products. You can also completely disable these updates.

to summarize

Printer ink is extremely expensive, but you don’t have to splurge on OEM products every time your cartridge needs replacing. Reliable stores in Canada offer cheaper compatible and remanufactured products that will help you save a substantial amount every year.