HP agencies are low profile and unaware of NIA action against state executives’ IPS agent

Shimla, November 27 (UNI) Three days of alleged NIA raid on ancestral home

state officials IPS and SP Arvind Digvijay Negi in Kalstain on the outskirts of this capital

the city state police have been executed and the central agencies are discreet and ignorant.

On the intermediate nights of Tuesday and Wednesday, a number of agents from a central agency

(identified by local police as NIA) were seen outside Mr. Negi’s home in

Shimla and Kinnuar.

City-owned police told UNI that Mr. Negi was being repatriated to

Shimla from the NIA. However, no information concerning the search of his home by the

central agencies has been confirmed.

District police were also made aware of the search and raid.

by ANI. State police confirmed that Mr. Negi who was in the NIA was repatriated to

the parental framework. Central agencies had no idea of ​​the incident.

Senior Kinnuar district officials told UNI on Saturday that the NIA team and Jawhan from

Himachal Pradesh police raided the house in Mr. Negi’s ancestral village in

Dunni village under the Kalpa subdivision, however, state police did not intervene in the NIA

investigation and could not reveal too much about the matter.

SP Kinnuar was currently on leave and the NIA action took place in the presence of the SP.

Home Secretary of State Rajneesh said he was unaware of the NIA’s action

and the police headquarters can be informed.

Central agencies obtained information from headquarters about the alleged action, but were unable to

reveal a lot about the matter. State Police spokesperson said he had yet to obtain information

about the action of the NIA and he is not yet repatriated to the State of origin as far as he had the right to do so.


Official sources in central agencies said a senior police officer, who investigated several

terrorism-related cases while he was a deputy to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), is ongoing

investigated by the agency for his alleged involvement in the alleged leak of sensitive information

to a human rights activist who may have passed it on to Pakistan.

Mr. Negi was considered a renowned IPS officer and his father was also a member of the

cadre of state police officers. He successfully conducted the survey as a member of SIT in

PMT scam.

During his tenure as DSP Shimla, he was considered the most competent and upright officer.

The new controversy behind the veil of the NIA is considered incredible given its reputation

as the police officer was an honest officer and an intelligent police officer.

UNI ML SY 1845

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