HP increases social security pension budget to Rs 1,037 crore

The Himachal Pradesh government has increased the social security pension budget from Rs 436 crore in 2017 to Rs 1,037 crore in 2021, a government official said on Sunday.

The official said the government gives highest priority to the betterment of the elderly, women and specially disabled people in the state. As part of the various initiatives of the state government for the welfare of this part of the society, the government has placed particular emphasis on the expansion of social security schemes.

Social security pension expenditure was increased to Rs 1037 crore in 2021 from Rs 436 crore in 2017.

The state government has reduced the age limit of the old-age pension scheme with no income limit from 80 to 70 years. The age limit for receiving the old-age pension for women has also been lowered to 65 years. These government decisions have benefited several seniors in the state, he added.

He said the current state government has approved 1,95,003 new applications for social security pension, providing economic and social security to the people of the state.

The state government has also increased the pension for those aged 60 to 69 from Rs 700 to Rs 850 per month while the pension for those aged 70 or above has been increased from Rs 1250 to Rs 1500.

No less than three lakh seven thousand people aged 70 and over are benefiting from this scheme.

In addition, elderly people, widows, single women, destitute women, leprosy patients, disabled people and transgender people were also included in the social security pension.

Currently, the government was providing social security pension to 6.35 lakh people. About four lakh 15 thousand 993 elderly people, one lakh 25 thousand 343 widows, single women, destitute women, one thousand 482 leprosy patients and about 150 transgender people are covered by the social security scheme, the official added.