HP Notifies Aero Sports Rules | News from Shimla

Shimla: To regulate aero sports activity and ensure the safety of people who engage in adventure sports, the Government of Himachal Pradesh has notified the Himachal Pradesh Rules on Aero Sports 2022.
The government will set up a technical committee headed by the commissioner-director of tourism who will inspect and certify the equipment used by the operators from a safety point of view.
Operators will be required to produce an appropriate import equipment invoice. The committee will also review the biographical data of operators and pilots.
According to the notification, the state government will also constitute a regulatory committee for each airsport venue with the respective district deputy commissioner as chairman. The Regulatory Committee shall have overall control of the regulation of operations taking place in the area with the assistance of the association.
He said each aerosports operator will need to register by applying to the district or deputy tourism development officer and applications received would be approved by the technical committee after security and inspection of documents, equipment and practical tests.
Upon approval by the Technical Committee, the District Tourism Development Officer or Deputy will issue a registration certificate to the relevant operator. The registration thus effected shall be valid for a period of three years.
The notification stated that no person other than an operator registered to perform the aerosport operations would be permitted to perform any operation, either directly or through its employees, unless the technical committee is satisfied that the operator has of all equipment and fulfills other requirements under the new rules and his proposal is duly approved by said committee. Now, no operator will be allowed to undertake aero sports activities unless they have trained and qualified tandem pilots with the experience specified in the new rules, recorded in a digital logbook with the pilot’s name. in aero sports with a good track record. The technical committee will have to meet at least twice a year before April 15 and September 15 each year and will also ensure that operators and tandem pilots follow all the safety procedures specified in the new rules.
The committee will also assess the carrying capacity of each flying site. In addition to this, the committee will also identify new venues and areas for aero sports in the state.
The committee will also identify exact boundaries, including take-off and landing sites where operations can be conducted safely.
The notification issued by the government indicates that the right to modify or cancel the operation on any site according to the conditions in force belongs to the technical committee.