‘Hulk Hands’ just became a real weapon in Marvel Cannon

“Hulk Hands” is a popular toy that allows users to smash items like the Hulk, and it has now been confirmed that a similar weapon exists in the comics!

Warning: Spoilers for Defenders # 4!

The popular children’s toy called ‘Hulk hands‘are a fun way to piece together your favorite Pontoon moments from the MCU’s movie series or Marvel’s comic book lineup, and now on the page, those elements have entered the Marvel continuity … slightly modified to fit the limits of this sprawling literary universe. And brandished by Galactus’ mother, Taaia.

Revealed in Defenders # 4, by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez, Marvel officially getting “Hulk Hands” is a fun little detail that fans might have initially overlooked. Traveling through the various cosmos that existed before the one in which the Marvel Universe is currently set, the new version of The Defenders led by Doctor Strange has arrived in the Fourth Cosmos where they are encountered by a very familiar looking green giant. . Speaking in color (yes, really), this four-headed Hulk lookalike attacks the team, forcing its eclectic members to go on the defensive.


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Realizing that this is a battle that might be a bit tougher than expected, Taaia decides to fight “alike” and pulls out a weapon that is basically a more lethal version of the “Hulk Hands” toy except the name. Wielding “a solid ‘map of matter’ of energy with her fists” as well as “courage in our hearts”, Galactus’ mother’s hands are immediately seen enveloped in giant fists tinged with green, as she channels the overwhelming power and size of Taaia’s Hulk-like foe to his advantage. By defeating this cosmic monster at her own punching game, Taaia officially brings an armed set of “Hulk Hands” to the comics who are far more dangerous than their much softer counterparts.

Similar in color but constructed from solid energy instead of plush padding, Taaia’s hands mimicking the overall aesthetic and use of “Hulk Hands” is a hilarious and unexpected wrinkle in Marvel lore that is undoubtedly a welcome sight for “Hulk Hands” enthusiasts. Taking the country by storm over several holiday seasons in the past (with their varying appearance as each new version of Hands hits plug-in stores), “Hulk’s Hands” are a staple toy in life. from any young nerd, allowing its user to pretend to be the Green Goliath that is Hulk whenever they want – with multiple action sounds included!

So, while Taaia heroically uses his own version of “Hulk Hands” to help fight a misunderstood cosmic being, don’t expect the real ones to do the same if beings from another world land on Earth. anytime soon. Pontoon‘s’Hulk hands‘are a fun toy that kids can use to fight safely in real life, and now the comics have their own take on it, just with a little more power behind each punch.

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