India has very old democratic values: Governor HP

India has very old democratic values ​​and they did not come from the British, Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said on Thursday.

Even the term “Vidhan Sabha” appears in the ancient writings of the country which has very old democratic values, he said while addressing the centenary conference of presidents from all over India of various legislative bodies in the country. .

The first such conference of the central legislature under British rule was held in Shimla itself a hundred years ago, in 1921, from September 14 to 16.

The conference brought together a total of 378 dignitaries, including Lok Sabha Om Prakash Birla President, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, Rajya Sabha Harivansh Vice President Narayan Singh, as well as speakers and service presidents from 36 legislative assemblies and state councils.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the inaugural session of the conference digitally on Wednesday.

Addressing the farewell session of the conference, Arlekar said democratic values ​​are very old in our country and do not come from the British.

The term “Vidhan Sabha” and the process of “committee building” were already in use in our ancient writings, he added. Good work done by a state’s Vidhan Sabha (legislature) should be shared with those in other states on a common portal, the governor said, adding that all state legislatures and councils should share and follow. everyone’s good work, procedures and practices.

It was said in the Rigveda that good ideas should come to us from all sides, he added.

Legislative bodies are the platforms for constructive discussion and the places for expressing good ideas, he said, adding that everyone should be given enough time to express themselves as Vidhan Sabhas and Vidhan Sabhas. Himachal Pradesh Assembly Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar said earlier that it is a matter of pride that the very first Conference of Presidents of Indian Legislative Bodies was not held in Shimla until 1921 during British rule and that its centenary edition is also being held here in 2021 and it has become part of history.

Six of these conferences had already taken place in Shimla. Four took place before independence in 1921, 1926, 1933, 1939 and two after independence in 1976 and 1997, he added.

Parmar said more than 1,300 resolutions had been passed by the state assembly so far, which eventually became law. The speaker further said that all former chief ministers, including the founder of Himachal Pradesh, Dr YS Parmar, Dr Ram Lal, Virbhadra Singh, Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal, have played an important role. to bring the state from zero to its peak. The current CM Jai Ram Thakur is also doing his best to take the state to new heights, he added.

That’s why, despite being a mountainous state, HP is considered one of the best states in the country, he added.

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