Inon unveils X-2 body for the Canon EOS R5

Inon has announced its new body for the Canon EOS R5. The “X-2” enclosure has a lightweight aluminum construction and comes complete with a tray, handles, and quick-mount brackets. Ingeniously, the quick-mount mount lets you easily switch between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations.

The housing comes with a built-in battery-powered TTL converter, calibrated for use with Inon strobes, which allows manual control of the strobe power from the camera. The converter supports high speed continuous shooting up to 12 fps, if your flashes can keep up.

The housing works with Inon’s second-generation Magnetic Rotary System (MRS) ports, where manual focus is controlled by a magnetic ring on the lens coupled with a magnetic control ring on the port, rather than a mechanical gear. This is advantageous for macro shooting, especially when used in tandem with the focus function of the R5. Like the X-2 housings for other cameras, the housing has a built-in leak alarm and is compatible with both straight and angled Inon sights.

Shipping in November, the case can be pre-ordered now. Contact your nearest Inon dealer for pricing information.

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We are happy to announce a new body for Canon EOS R5. Detailed information followed on the respective product page once available. The accommodation will be available in November and for pre-order now.

TTL converter

The most advantageous feature is the original INON TTL converter. As the converter is developed and calibrated precisely for the underwater environment based on the INON strobe protocol, it offers very precise TTL exposure.

TTL converter also offers a successful result for rear curtain synchronization

The converter allows the strobe output to be controlled manually FROM the camera. No need to touch the housing to adjust the flash output on the strobe so you don’t miss the right time to capture with different lighting effects.

High speed continuous shooting

Unlike manual flash mode, the converter provides precise exposure and supports 12 frames / sec high speed continuous shooting.

High-speed continuous shooting demonstration underwater

Vacuum leak sensor (PAT. P)

The PAT.P leak sensor seals the housing in 5 minutes before diving. INON unique program for switching between pre-dive / dive modes so as not to make false warnings during the dive.

Quick assembly

The housing is equipped with a quick release fastener to quickly switch between horizontal / vertical orientation of the camera. Since the lighting position remains the same, shoot a vertical composition with appropriate lighting. The rapid system also allows shooting from a low angle with a vertical composition.

S-MRS Port

The patented MRS control system has evolved further. The second-generation MRS offers less clicking and backlash, allowing the camera’s focus feature to be used when focusing manually.


The optional viewfinders offer the same magnification as the camera’s viewfinder (1.0x) and extend its point of view. Two options are available: “Right viewfinder unit ll7” or “45 degree viewfinder unit III” tilted to choose according to the shooting conditions.

Lightweight and compact aluminum body

Manufactured from a corrosion resistant aluminum alloy by an ultra-precise casting manufacturing technique to merge design, weight and durability into a higher dimension. The cast iron fabrication technique allows for a thin body plate with a complicated curved design which is not possible with machining. The lightweight and durable aluminum alloy body has acquired reliability, durability and controllability even under severe underwater conditions.

TTL converter, vacuum leak sensor, handles, tray, quick mount brackets, ALL of these features are STANDARD.

The supported objectives are:


  • Canon RF35mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM
  • Canon EF8-15mm F4L Fish-eye USM


  • Sigma 70mm F2.8 DG MACRO
  • Canon RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM
  • Canon RF100mm F2.8 L MACRO IS USM
  • Canon EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM

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