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As the release of Hogwarts Legacy draws closer, many wonder whether or not the upcoming title will be considered canon to the Harry Potter universe.

Few details have been shared so far regarding the development of Hogwarts Legacy, including whether or not the intended game’s story will be canon for the Harry Potter universe. Set in the 1800s, years before the events of the Harry Potter series, many wonder whether or not this makes the Hogwarts Legacy story more integral to the universe or just a speculative take. The fact that the game is a prequel allows developers Portkey Games to explore many untouched areas of the wizarding world, but it remains to be seen how much continuity there will be between Hogwarts Legacy and the Harry Potter franchise.


The original series, created and written by author JK Rowling, follows Harry on his journey to defeat Lord Voldemort while becoming a powerful wizard himself. Hogwarts Legacy will also take players on their own magical journey, only with an entirely different cast of characters. Although witches and wizards can have abnormally long lifespans, like Albus Dumbledore who was born in 1881, original characters are unlikely to make an appearance in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Earlier than a confirmed canon Harry Potter work was fixed is 1927, i.e. Fantastic beasts and where to find them. the Harry Potter The universe has made it clear that it’s willing to accept the prequel’s content as canon as long as the stories and characters remain consistent. However, the question remains: who decides what is actually canon in the world of Harry Potter?

Hogwarts Legacy Probably Won’t Be Part of Official Tradition

image from the Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy game showing a character riding a winged horse

Hogwarts Legacy probably won’t be considered canon in the Harry Potter universe. This is mainly due to the fact that JK Rowling was not directly involved in the writing or development of the game. When it comes to what is considered canon, Rowling’s approval is undoubtedly always a necessity. Portkey Games has stated that everything in Hogwarts Legacy was heavily inspired by the works of Rowling, but the game is a unique entry created specifically for fans by game developers who also appreciate the depth of the Harry Potter universe. So while this is likely to be an authentic story that attempts to stay true to series canon, it likely won’t be the canon itself (although that continues to be debated on Reddit).

It is also possible that Hogwarts Legacy will feature branching stories and multiple endings, similar to how The Witcher 3 offered multiple endings for Ciri. This would make it harder to be considered canon, especially if players are potentially going to have different story-related experiences. Developers sometimes make the choice to feature multiple endings and decide which of them is considered canon when developing sequels, but that can get murky in a hurry.

With rumors of further delays circulating, it may still be a while before players can dive into the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. Originally slated for release in 2022, it looks like development issues could see Hogwarts Legacy release delayed to 2023. It will be exciting to see what this ambitious title has to offer when Hogwarts Legacy ends up getting started, whenever it can be.

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