Judge finds probable cause in Cañon City murder case – Canon City Daily Record

Fremont County Mixed Court Magistrate Michael Meyrick found probable cause Wednesday during a preliminary hearing to push the case of Robert Douglas Broman, 35, who allegedly shot and killed Christopher Erinn Robb, 41, on the 14th November 2021, on trial.

Broman was formally charged with second degree murder, a Class 2 felony; threatening felony, a class 5 felony; and possession of a weapon by a former offender, a class 6 felony as well as third degree assault, a class 1 misdemeanor.

During the preliminary hearing, Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Detective Peter Rasmussen was called by the prosecutor, Wendy Owens, to testify on the case.

Rasmussen said that as lead detective, he worked with a team to thoroughly interview both eyewitnesses and those who may not have been present at the time of the alleged shooting. He cited the testimony of witnesses, Kiriana Radhe, 20, who had had a brief relationship with Broman several months before the incident, and Jeff Brille, who allegedly had a physical altercation with Broman shortly before the fatal shooting took place. occur.

Rasmussen, upon arriving, found several people at the crime scene, as well as Robb’s body.

According to testimonies collected from witnesses, Radhe testified that Broman allegedly threatened to steal her car and pointed a semi-automatic handgun (characterized by Broman himself as a German-style round-barreled handgun) at her. before shooting Robb just before 9 a.m. pm in the 1600 block of Locust.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Tracey Eubanks asked Detective Rasmussen if he was aware that Radhe spat in Broman’s face and then assaulted him. Rasmussen said no.

Broman allegedly assaulted Radhe shortly before the shooting and, according to Radhe, was stopped by the actions of other members of the house.

Witness Jeff Brille allegedly participated in the physical altercation with Broman, “knocking him out,” said an arrest affidavit drafted by Rasmussen.

After Broman returned, he walked to his car, allegedly alongside several other people, when Robb returned.

According to testimony given to Rasmussen by Radhe, the altercation was quick.

“Mr. Robb was knocking on the window just asking them, Mr. Broman and the occupants of the vehicle, to leave the property and that’s when she said she heard the shot and saw the vehicle window shattering,” Rasmussen said.

The vehicle then left the neighborhood and Robb stumbled into the house, where a rag was given to suffocate the wound. Robb then returned outside and died.

Eubanks asked Rasmussen if he was aware of the facial injuries, including four missing teeth and a fractured facial bone, from Broman after speaking to him. Rasmussen indicated that he was aware. Rasmussen also said that neither Radhe, Brille, or other witnesses told him that Radhe assaulted Broman.

Eubanks also questioned how Brille could have seen Broman’s shot at Robb as he stood behind Robb.

“My understanding is that Mr. Robb got to the vehicle first and that interaction happened quickly before the shot was fired,” Rasmussen replied.

Eubanks cited the physical injuries Broman suffered at the time and asked if Rasmussen was aware that Broman had been scared for his life.

“He made that comment, yes,” Rasmussen said.

The prosecution presented several pieces of evidence, including the El Paso County coroner’s autopsy report for Robb, the AMR report at the scene of the incident for Robb, and the testimony of Detective Rasmussen.

An arrest is scheduled for June 6 at 8:30 a.m. in Division 1.