Lamborghini “Follow Me” 631-HP car in service at Italian airport

  • Located just 25 kilometers from Lamborghini’s legendary Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters, Bologna Airport has deployed a Huracan Evo as a “follow me” vehicle.
  • A “follow me” car does pretty much what its name suggests: it shows the way for planes performing tricky ground maneuvers.
  • This is not the first or the only imaginative use of any of the supercars. The Italian State Police got their own Huracán LP610-4 several years ago.

    Airports offer the chance to see many weird and wonderful specialized vehicles, but rarely the chance to spot a supercar. But visitors to Bologna Airport in Italy will be lucky enough to spot a highly unusual ‘follow me’ car in the form of a 631 horsepower Lamborghini Huracán Evo.


    Painted in matt Verde Turbine green with high visibility orange graphics, and carrying the orange rotating beacons and communications radio that all vehicles need to operate “airside”, the Huracán Evo will help steer planes around Gugliemo Airport. Marconi of Bologna, which is just 16 miles from the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The airport is one of the busiest in northern Italy, regularly handling more than eight million passengers a year before the COVID pandemic.

    Lamborghini has a long-term relationship with the airport, having previously supplied both an Aventador and a regular Huracán in a bright yellow livery for similar tasks. The Evo’s additional performance and 202 mph capacity are unlikely to be tested during its official duty; planes are generally limited to only 30 km / h (18.6 mph) while taxiing. But we wouldn’t be surprised if airport staff used quieter times to get more of the Lamborghini’s powerful performance. It will definitely be more exciting to drive than a baggage tug.

    lamborghini huracan evo bologna airport


    The role of follow me cars is exactly as the name suggests: to be deployed to help guide aircraft on the ground during complex or unusual ground maneuvers, typically those that do not use conventional or partial taxiways. of the site. They are also sometimes used for the transport of personnel, short notice cargo or even VIPs. While cars or utility trucks are typically used for such tasks, Lamborghini is not the only performance automaker to provide them: Hanover Airport in Germany previously used a Porsche Cayman S with yellow checkered patterns and black.

    There is also at least one Police Huracán patrolling Italy’s highways, with an example wearing Polizia’s blue and white livery that is operated from Rome for both high-speed chases and donor transport duties. ‘organs. This one will be able to stretch his legs more than the one at the airport.

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