Masters of the Universe’s most tasteless meme is now Canon

The first part of The Masters of the Universe Revelation, Part 2 contains a line that references a tasteless internet meme involving the heroic warrior Fisto.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2, Episode 1, “Cleaved Into Twain.”

A throwaway line involving Skeletor in the first episode of Masters of the Universe: Apocalypse, Part 2 refers to an infamous meme regarding the heroic warrior Fisto. This effectively made the barrel of the joke within the official Masters of the Universe setting. Given that series showrunner Kevin Smith is famous for introducing adult references and puns into his films, it’s almost impossible that the line in question is not an intentional nod to the joke of long time fans.


Introduced as part of Wave 3 of the original Masters of the Universe toyline, Fisto was distinguished by his oversized metal fist. The original comics and cartoons never revealed whether Fisto’s fist was a gauntlet or a prosthesis, but the 2002 animated series established that his hand was of cybernetic origin and that he was Man’s brother. -At-Arms. Fisto also appeared in a non-speaking cameo in a Masters of the Universe: Revelation Easter eggs.

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Fisto was promoted to a speaker role in Masters of the Universe: Apocalypse, Part 2, with his voice provided by Ralph Garman, who co-hosts the hollywood babbling podcast with Kevin Smith. Fisto was one of the heroic warriors present when Skeletor threw his dark face on the city of Eternos, as dark clouds blocked the sun. This prompted Fisto to declare, as he raised his famous fist in anger, that “I would like to fist him!

While it was clear from the context that Fisto meant he wanted to hit Skeletor, the word “fist“has an entirely different connotation, serving as a slang term for a certain sexual act. This made Fisto something of a joke among He-man fans, with various memes and fan art pieces devoted to Fisto and how he truly earned his name. The most famous of these involved a modified panel from the mini-comic “The Clash of Arms”, where instead of an injured Fisto saying “I fought hard, He-Man, but I couldn’t beat them all,“he seemed to say”I fisted hard, He-Man, but I couldn’t fist them all!

Fisto spoke of his desire to “fist“Skeleton in the Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Part 2 premiere, “Cleaved in Twain,” which was co-written by Kevin Smith. While it can’t be said for sure that Smith was responsible for the conscious nod to the infamous meme, he certainly would have been responsible for letting the joke slip away as the show’s story editor. While the line has questionable taste, it seems unlikely to spark further controversy for Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

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