New GTA Online update confirms what GTA 5 original ending is canon

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for The Contract in GTA Online. And also for purposes of GTA 5. Continue reading only at your own risk.

A new update of GTA Online Apparently confirmed which of Grand Theft Auto 5’s original three endings is canon.

As reported Kotaku, the latest update for GTA Online, The Contract, features a dialogue that seems to confirm what’s happening to Michael after the end of GTA 5. As part of the new missions, you help the iconic rapper Dr. Dre in an attempt to locate and recover the musician’s lost phone, and we find a variety of unreleased material residing on the device.

As part of the search for the lost phone, Franklin ends up in a golf cart chase through a film set. In an attempt to catch up with a man who angered the rapper, Franklin’s erratic conduct forces the character to exclaim: “Damn, I know one of the producers around here. Hope he doesn’t work today.. Although he does not specifically refer to the producer by name, it seems almost certain that Franklin refers to Michael, who in one of the endings of GTA 5 begins to work as a producer on the same set.

For those who couldn’t complete the GTA 5 campaign, the game has three different endings. While endings A and B feature Trevor or Michael dying at Franklin’s hands respectively, option C connects the ends of the narrative in a way that allows the three protagonists of the game to survive.

Rock star previously suggested that option C is the intended end for gameplay via a dialogue line from Tao Cheng in the Diamond and Casino (2019) update for GTA Online, which alludes to events that only take place in the third end of the game. This latest update, it seems, further reinforces this idea.

While this new line of dialogue ultimately seems to rule out an ending in which Michael dies, a previous update suggested that Trevor also survives the events of GTA 5. During the Smuggler’s Run update, Ron Jakowski notes that Trevor He was “To make a vine wood” before referring indirectly to him as to her “former boss”.

With the latest update, which provides additional closure to the events of GTA 5, fans are probably wondering what will happen in the future of the franchise. While a possible sixth installment in the saga has yet to be confirmed, reports from earlier this year seemed to suggest that the game could end up being released in 2024.

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