Northend Duplicate Canon Purchase

Northend purchased two new Canon imagePress C10010VP digital color toner presses to increase capacity and quality.

The kit, which was installed at the Sheffield-based company’s 1,858m² site in early July, replaced two outgoing Ricoh devices – a Pro C9110 and a Pro C7110.

Northend Production Manager Richard Green said Printing week the company had also considered options with a range of other digital press manufacturers, but was won over by Canon – from which it had never purchased before – during a visit to the manufacturer earlier this year .

“We saw the [April/May issue] Printing week A3 inkjet cover that Canon made – I called Canon just to see what the inkjet looked like and they [subsequently went on to] put us in touch with their toner service.

The company visited Canon and was impressed with their showroom and the kit demonstration, using some of their own files.

“We then walked around the negotiating table and were very impressed with the angle of view. The level of support you felt after having a meeting with them was also good, ”Green added.

Northend also got third-party feedback ahead of the investment when seeing one of the machines running at the University of Sheffield, which the operator praised for the Canon kit and service.

Green said the new machines were “fantastic” and “working great,” and that the kit more or less doubled the capacity of the company and increased its quality.

The imagePress C10010VP 100 ppm prints at resolutions up to 2400 dpi and can handle weights from 60 to 400 g / m². Automation features include ultrasonic multi-sheet feed detection, active front-to-back recording, and an in-line spectrometer sensor for on-the-fly color adjustments.

Green said one of the company’s two machines is a long-leaf version, while the other is a standard SRA3, “so we were able to configure it as we wanted.”

In December, Northend replaced an aging Cron UV CTP system with a new Cron 36G + thermal system. It also operates an RMGT (Ryobi) LED litho press and a series of finishing kits to support in-house services including sewing, laminating, bending, drilling, picking and packaging.

The 35-employee company serves end users, print management companies, B2B and B2C customers, among others, across the country.

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