October 25 – Canon City Daily Record

Over the past three months, I have attended briefings on Recreation Center 6A and 6B voting initiatives. Through this experience, I have met citizens of Cañon City with different points of view.

I started this journey at the Republican Tea Party and concluded the town hall meetings at the Sons and Daughters of Italy Social. I reflected on this experience and was reaffirmed why Cañon City is a special place to raise my child. I appreciate the people who greeted me at each meeting and asked me relevant questions. They shared their opinions and concerns every step of the way. They had a strong desire to know more about the project.

I’m the type of person who always recognizes both sides of a problem. I fully understand the concern to increase taxes. I also understand the importance of developing a community. All points of view are very valid and personal. Clearly, I support the 6A and 6B voting initiatives. I believe it is important that our tax dollars are kept in our community to repair roads or help local businesses. However, every week I have students tell me that they have been to Great Wolf Lodge, Salida, YMCA in Pueblo or Breckenridge.

In my mind, I see taxpayer dollars coming out of Canon City and Fremont County. Families spend money in restaurants, stores, and even hotels. We have a great community, but we have to have a place to encourage them to stay here. You can make a difference, but it’s up to you.

Our founding fathers created this country to give the people a voice. You have the right to vote. As stated in the preamble to the United States Constitution, “Blessings of Freedom for Ourselves and Our Posterity”.

This ballot initiative will benefit the citizens of Cañon City now and for future generations. Please consider voting yes on 6A and 6B.

Dana Horne,
Canon City

Great support for Merry and Albrecht

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this letter of support on behalf of Molly Merry and Todd Albrecht who are running for the Cañon City School District School Board.

I have known them for about 25 years and have the greatest admiration for the extraordinary dedication each has shown for decades as exceptional and innovative educators. Molly and Todd have both positively impacted hundreds of students, and their own children are products of the Cañon City School District.

Molly and Todd are poised to step into the ring with increased influence and affect. They are balanced and intelligent individuals who listen attentively and seek feedback before making decisions. They are eager to contribute some of their “golden years of retirement” to serve wholeheartedly in ensuring that all students receive a quality education that enables them to succeed, thrive and learn throughout life. life.

Without reservation, I invite you to vote for Molly Merry and Todd Albrecht.

Debi Blackwell,
Retired Principal for Lincoln School & Exploratory School

Time to change

How many times have you read or heard people complain about elected officials, at all levels of government, who are entrenched in their work and ineffective or insensitive to their constituents because they have been there for too long?

Inevitably, people refer to officials who have served for multiple terms, tend to serve alongside other officials from the same political party, and have little or no incentive to think or act differently than they do. they did in the previous two or three terms. . They “welcome comments from the public” and then respond “I hear what you are saying,” with no genuine interest in considering discussing alternative points of view.

Some government agencies recognize the advantages of limiting the number of terms an elected official can serve. These are smart and effective policies. They dilute partisanship, bring in new ideas, encourage initiative, promote a more balanced exchange of information on important issues, and give others the opportunity to serve.

The very fact that some elected officials refuse to step back and let others serve is proof that they really are not interested in inviting or encouraging different views and values, more than a genuine interest in doing what is best and to get things done. Rather than bringing about transformation, staying in power means maintaining the status quo because it’s easy or popular, or worse, not making course corrections when necessary.

Elected officials who believe they cannot step down and would leave their work unfinished if they did not stay in office are doing the community a disservice. Sadly, the consequences of such a move are compounded in a place like Fremont County, where incumbents are difficult to replace even with a member of their own party, and the partisan divide is such a profound change for someone who is not affiliated, or a member of another party is unlikely.

In the interest of thoughtful and sustainable development, smart growth and a willingness to change when it is best for the community, the citizens and voters of Fremont County should support the term limits that they ask so often. It will not be done by law, but it can happen at the ballot box. It is time to change the departmental government. Your vote can make it happen.

Steve Kaverman,
Canon City