Ora Punk Cat hits production

The ORA Punk Cat is a Volkswagen Beetle clone from Great Wall Motors. It remains in line with the original “people’s car” appearance. But the exterior seems to be the only similarity between them. The ORA Punk Cat is much bigger than the Volkswagen Beetle, and much more powerful. Today, Chinese MIIT unveiled the ORA Punk Cat with 544 horsepower! He also shared new images of this EV.

As mentioned, the styling of the ORA Punk Cat continues in line with the Volkswagen Beetle. But the Punk Cat is much bigger than its inspiration. The dimensions of this EV are 4749/1989/1725 mm with a wheelbase of 2915 mm. The Punk Cat is 70cm longer, 20cm wider and has a 50cm longer wheelbase than the original Beetle. Thus, it eclipses the “people’s car”.

Specifications ORA Punk Cat

The ORA Punk Cat’s powertrain is also gorgeous. Previously we reported that the Punk Cat is RWD and has a 220 kW (299 hp) electric motor. And today MIIT revealed the true halo version of this EV. It has 4 wheel drive with two electric motors of 180 kW and 220 kW. Their combined power reaches 400 kW (544 hp)! In addition, while the single-engine version is equipped with an LFP battery, the most powerful has a ternary one (NMC) from CATL. The empty weight of the twin-motor Ora Punk Cat is 2,350 kg. It is therefore 105 kg heavier than the one with one engine.

Previously, we looked inside the road-ready version of Punk Cat. And it is undoubtedly a nice place with three screens on the dashboard and two-tone leather in vintage color. And now we know that the Punk Cat is also a very powerful electric vehicle. Every day the Punk Cat becomes even more enjoyable. Pricing for this EV is still unknown, but we’ll surely keep an eye out for this gem.

Source: MIIT