Panasonic Announces FY22 Business Strategy for Middle East and Africa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) reaffirmed its commitment to MEA market expansion and consumer well-being at its regional convention, held in Dubai, which unveiled the brand’s new global motto – “Live Your Best”. The new tagline embodies Panasonic’s commitment to providing solutions that make life simpler, safer, healthier and more enjoyable for customers by helping them live their best lives.

Meanwhile, the brand will focus on expanding its regional market share to meet evolving customer demands with solutions that make homes, public premises and businesses a healthy and convenient ecosystem. The convention, attended by over 190 business associates from over 24 countries and media, set the brand’s plans for the new fiscal year and shared business highlights for 2021. Panasonic recorded 119% sales per compared to 2020 for its health and hygiene-related consumer devices. and 106% of sales vs 2020 for the B2B solutions activity.

Aligned with the brand’s new commitment, the theme of the event was “Wellness for life” focused on bringing a sense of balance and well-being to everyone’s life by improving health and hygiene. Panasonic plans to introduce a range of 64 new products to support this mission in 2022.

Some of the unique new products with superior technologies and Japanese excellence were highlighted at the event. Among the many highlights are Nanoe-X Air Conditioners which can inhibit pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses) and allergens. Air conditioners will not only cool and heat the environment, but also purify indoor air, providing round-the-clock protection to keep living spaces cool and clean, so consumers can enjoy a healthier life.

Another innovation the clean air solution is ziainoTM which uses a high degree of sterilizing and deodorizing power of sodium hypochlorite to effectively sanitize the environment. Ideal for the hygiene of different places, including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, residences for the elderly, schools, offices, pet stores, fitness centers and shopping centers.

New Abaya Wash washing machines have positioned themselves as distinctive hygiene systems that protect families by eliminating 99.99%* of bacteria from clothes during washing. * Certified by CVC testing Technology Co. Ltd; Test report number: WTS2021-17186/17119/17120-2/17120/17186-2 “Antibacterial and cleaning function for household appliances and the like – Special requirements for electric washing machines

The brand has also focused on nutrition and food hygiene through its latest “Nutri TaFreez” refrigerator series which feature blast freezing technology specifically to preserve the nutrients of meats stored in the freezer. To further support health and well-being, Panasonic is promoting home cooking for its consumers by introducing new ranges of kitchen appliances such as Kitchen machine, bread machine and more appliances that enrich the dining experience.

The latest addition to the brand was also presented at the event. tenant solution‘ to facilitate health, safety and convenience with Panasonic IPRO’s AI occupancy detection and IoT-enabled control panel (Wall-I). The revolutionary solution will help people check congestion levels in common areas of private or public spaces, making indoor environments healthier.

Speaking at the event, Hiroyuki Shibutani, Managing Director, PMMAF said, “At Panasonic, we are committed to helping improve everyday life with solutions that make life easier and more convenient with products that respond to a changing society. As more and more people value health, hygiene and wellness as we emerge from the pandemic, we are committed to becoming a brand that provides the solutions that address this request. Our goal is to become a brand that is close to its customers and supported by society by taking action against the issues they face today and in the future.

“One of the ways we achieve this is by conveying our goal of ‘realizing an ideal society with wealth both in matter and in spirit’, which was enunciated by our founder Konosuke Matsushita. Therefore, we have adopted “Live Your Best” as our brand slogan that expresses this very purpose.” He added.

The brand has set up the holding company structure from April 2022, to improve the competitiveness of the various industries it serves, such as automotive, manufacturing, homes, smart cities, blockchain. supply, etc. As part of this transformation, the brand is refocusing its efforts to improve sustainability. in its facilities and through research and development of energy-efficient products targeting net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Through the initiative called “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT”, the brand will work towards this goal to realize a global environment sustainable.

Shibutani also reiterated the brand’s commitment to the region and said, “Over the years, the Middle East region has seen sustained growth across all industries. By following this dynamically growing market, we aim to align our strategies and offer the broadest product portfolio in the consumer and business segments to meet regional demands. To rejuvenate our brand, we will launch targeted marketing campaigns.

The brand, which became one of the first to introduce digital warranty services and smart apps last year in line with the digitalization momentum during Covid-19, plans to introduce several flagship models that meet regional consumer demand.

In line with its theme “Wellness for Life”, Panasonic showcased its wide range of products in the Audio Video, Home Appliances, Health & Beauty, System & Communication Solutions and Ecological Solutions categories.


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