Panasonic Automotive deploys Ansys medini analysis

Panasonic Automotive has streamlined functional safety analysis throughout the next generation eCockpit development process by implementing Ansys medini analysis to ensure compliance with the industry standard ISO 26262.

Medini Analysis provides a model-based approach for efficient, repeatable and consistent analysis tasks throughout the development process, meaning that industry certification is taken into account from the earliest stages of the development process. design, reducing development time and costs.

“The implementation of Ansys medini analysis as a fundamental tool for functional safety analysis has helped us to define this process while saving time. Our collaboration with Ansys enables us to deliver next generation automotive systems that meet and exceed customer safety expectations, ”said Andrew Poliak, CTO at Panasonic Automotive.

As part of its new systems approach to safety analysis, Panasonic Automotive has engaged directly with Ansys technical teams to create formalized training and best practices that will support future process certification initiatives.

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