Panasonic: Monday Motivation: This woman from Kolkata lost her job at Panasonic but has not given up hope! Became an Uber rider to support his family

When the pandemic hit India, many lost their jobs as the world came to a standstill. Several people have had to seek odd jobs to make ends meet and support their families, including Moutushi Basu, a woman in her 30s who previously worked with the Panasonic but lost her job due to the lockdown of Covid-19.

But that didn’t stop Basu from moving forward in life to support his family. She quickly became a rider at Uber. A man from Kolkata recently rode with her and shared Basu’s inspirational story with millions on his official LinkedIn account.

Ranabir Bhattacharyaa, a writer by profession, shared the humble experience, mentioning that despite the drizzle in Kolkata, Basu did not ask him for a single extra penny and dropped him off at his safe location.

“Today, while booking a two-wheeled Uber Moto for a quick ride through town, I met Moutushi Basu, a woman in her 30s,” he wrote. Bhattacharyaa further revealed that Basu has been living in Baruipur, a suburb near Kolkata, and has been riding her two-wheeled scooter as an Uber driver for some time now.

“She lives in Baruipur, a suburb near Kolkata. Before the lockdown phase, she worked at Panasonic. She lost her job in the Covid phase like thousands of Indians. Today, despite the drizzle, she doesn’t didn’t ask for a single penny more,” he added.

During the trip around the city while it was raining, the man asked Basu if she had experience driving a two-wheeler on the roads of Kolkata in rainy weather, to which Basu candidly replied. : “I have no other choice now to run my family.”

Impressed and touched by Basu’s never giving up attitude, Bhattacharyaa said “May the force be with her” as he concluded his message.

The story quickly went viral on the internet, and many contacted Bhattacharyaa to get Basu’s contact details so they could offer him a job.

While one user replied to the post saying he also had the privilege of riding his scooter when he booked a two-wheeled Uber to his destination and was “proud of his dedication”.

“I had the privilege of riding with her twice. I felt extremely safe and was so proud of her dedication. I loved her confidence and dedication,” commented Devika Biswas, behavior coach and communication.

Several people have called Basu “an inspiration to everyone” and rightly so!