Panasonic nanoe makes homes safer 24/7 against Covid

Panasonic Head of Communications and Product Planning Francis Serrato, President and Chairman of the Board Yasushi Kondo and Vice President of Panasonic Air-conditioning Philippines Tomohiro Yamada are joined by Gary Valenciano at the press conference virtual event on February 11, 2021 to showcase Panasonic’s innovative enhanced nano technology. CONTRIBUTED SCREENSHOT

WHAT if there was a hero who could provide you and your family with clean, healthy indoor air 24/7?

That was Panasonic Air-conditioning Philippines’ groundbreaking statement at its air conditioner convention on February 11, as it unveiled to the press and dealers the big news about the nanoe X Generator Mark 2, the next level of enhanced innovation of nano technology.

At a virtual conference attended by over 200 dealers and members of the press, Panasonic revealed the results of nanoe research – it has been shown to inhibit four types of novel coronavirus variants – Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta – in a test of 45 liters space (with the size of 350 millimeters (mm), 350 mm and 400 mm) in as little as 2 hours by more than 99.7 percent.

This groundbreaking news in health and wellness has indeed given Filipinos hope to make their homes and commercial spaces safer and more sanitized for children, the elderly and workers.

As Panasonic announced the news of the nanoe X Generator Mark 2, which produced 9.6 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second – a superior level for eliminating odors, inhibiting pollutants and moisturizing skin and hair – the importance of the news was that this new technology was twice as good as the current nanoe TM X with 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second.

It also meant that the nanoe X Generator Mark 2 could inhibit the novel coronavirus faster due to its high performance.

Panasonic has also revealed that the nanoe X Generator Mark 2 is featured in all of its latest air conditioning products. Panasonic’s air solutions such as air conditioners, nanoe X portable generators and air purifiers were all equipped with nanoe and nanoe X technology, aligned with its goal of providing Filipinos with a “better life, a better “.

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