Panasonic Portable nanoe X Generator F-GPT01M (first look)

A healthy home is more than a clean home, it’s about the air you breathe. The Panasonic nanoe X portable generator is a portable killer of viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens and helps reduce odors.

The nearly solid-state nanoe X generator produces nano-sized atomized water particles (from the moisture in the air) containing hydroxyl radicals that kill harmful substances and neutralize odors. The technology is found in a range of consumer and commercial air conditioners and air purifiers. You can read about it here.

Panasonic nanoe X Portable Generator

To position this $299 device, it’s barely larger than a 15oz milkshake container (170 x 90 x 66mm x 400g). It needs USB-A to USB-C power supply (5V/.7A/3.5W, so don’t try it with a USB-C PD charger). Turn it on, place it next to your desk/bed, and that’s it.

We won’t test Panasonic’s claims – the company is well established and doesn’t tend to say porkies.

  • Deodorizes unwanted odors like garbage odors, bushfire smoke odors and body odors
  • Inhibits airborne and adherent viruses and bacteria
  • COVID-19 Killer (more on that later)
  • Moisturizes skin and hair by binding hydroxyl radicals to sebum, forming membranes on the skin and improving keratin texture.
  • Suitable for car (cup holder size), home, office, hotel room, shoe rack, bedroom, cafe.
  • Uses USB charger, laptop, computer, power bank
  • Approved by the Sensitive Choice program of the National Asthma Council of Australia (NAC)


This milkshake-sized device has an effective cleaning area limited to 3 m3 (3000 liters or air), a cube size of approximately 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.35 m (approximately 5 square feet). To put that into perspective, a single bedroom is around 25m3.

The air volume is tiny 0.07 m3/min, so it takes 45 minutes to clean this space or 360 minutes (6 hours) to clean a single room. Let’s not forget that air is constantly circulating from all over the house, and this device can’t keep up with that.

Operating noise is 36 dB (silent). A visible LED ring lets you know if it’s working and a slight puff of air comes out of the top.

Power consumption is too low to be measured.

Panasonic F-GPT01M Nano X Portable Generator

COVID-19 killer or not?

The short answer is nanoe X is a COVID-19 inhibitor. Complaints are about the technology – not the Panasonic Portable nanoe X F-GPT01M generator, so don’t buy it for that.

CyberShack’s view – essential gadget or gimmick

The biggest problem with this device is that you have to trust Panasonic as far as this $299 device really works.

I can see how nanoe X technology in air conditioners and air purifiers can be a benefit, but as to the effectiveness of this micro-sized device, I’m slightly skeptical.

I will try it in the car – a confined space where the effects may be most noticeable.

We’re not going to give it a formal score out of ten, but we may come back to it in the future.



USB-C operated from laptops, wall chargers, cars and power banks

Fits a coffee cup holder


Minimum cleaning area of ​​3m3

COVID-19 claims are about technology – not this wearable unit

No ongoing maintenance costs