Plagueis Cannon story can be improved by Forgotten King of Naboo

Ars Veruna, the Forgotten King of Naboo, can improve the story of the Plagueis canon. Queen’s Hope’s upcoming novel is able to make that possible.

The Forgotten King of Naboo Holds the Key to Improvement Star Wars’ Darth Plagueis. When Disney acquired the franchise from George Lucas, many of the books that expanded the star wars The universe became classified as “Legends”, stories that would no longer be considered canon. The boundaries between the two are not always clear and Disney continues to draw Star Wars’ Legends material in canon, with Palpatine’s rise to the Senate affirmed by Marc Sumerak Secrets of the Sith, for example. Still, there are other much lesser-known characters lurking in Legends who still have an opening to impact the canon’s larger storyline.


Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace introduced Palpatine’s home planet of Naboo. Over time, Legends stories began to shed more light on the lush world, which was also home to Padmé (Naberrie) Amidala, Anakin Skywalker’s future wife and mother to Luke and Leia. by James Luceno Darth Plagueis, a Legends novel, added important information regarding King Ars Veruna, the predecessor of Queen Amidala. While the canon novel The Queen’s Peril by E.K. Johnston partially reinstated Veruna, saying that instead Queen Sanandrassa was Amidala’s direct predecessor, there is still room for Veruna to have reigned earlier and make her connection to Plagueis known.

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Johnston’s next novel, The Queen’s Hope, which features Anakin and Padmé’s wedding day, could further cement Veruna’s place in the canon, potentially bolstering Darth Plagueis’ story. This move would answer many questions regarding what happened to the Forgotten King of Naboo, and now is the perfect time to bring him back and prove how important it is to star wars and one of the most mysterious Sith Lords in the franchise. Although Luceno Darth Plagueis now part of Legends, Johnston’s The Queen’s Hope has the opportunity to canonize one of Plagueis’ most diabolical acts: death by midichlorian manipulation.

Thanks Johnston The Queen’s Shadow and The Queen’s Peril and Claudia Gray Master & Apprentice, the only time the Naboo monarch is canonically unknown is between 39 and 36 BBY. Since Luceno’s canon Tarkinwhich focuses on the future Grand Moff, refers to a Naboo king some 20 years before the events of the book, placing him around 34 BBY, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Veruna was the king between 39 and 36 BBY. The Queen’s Hope takes place during the Clone Wars, and Padmé is a senator while, of course, Palpatine is still Supreme Chancellor. Padmé will surely interact with the Sith in disguise at some point in this novel. As such, it’s a great opportunity for Palpatine to reintroduce Veruna, a character he would have interacted with when he was a senator from Naboo.

Palpatine said that Darth Plagueis the Wise was able to “prevent those he cared about from dying” in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, but what some may not know is that he was also able to kill others through midichlorian manipulation. Veruna was the first victim of such a heinous act committed by Plagueis in the novel Legends, Darth Plagueis. Veruna’s death showed Plagueis’ absolute power, that he was not only known for his ability to keep people from dying, but that he could use that same vital power to slowly and painfully kill his victims.

Much mystery still surrounds Darth Plagueis which will surely be addressed as part of the star wars cannon. Given that The Queen’s Hope fast approaching, perhaps the inconsistencies in the timeline of the Naboo Monarchy will finally be addressed and used in a way that does justice to the character of Ars Veruna. the Darth Plagueis the novel is not star wars canon longer, but that doesn’t mean elements of his Legends story can’t be included in canon in the future, making him stronger and more feared in the process.

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