Preparations are complete for the counting of votes

Himachal Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer C Palrasu said on Monday that all preparations were completed for the vote count for the by-elections for the Mandi Lok Sabha seat and the constituencies of Fatehpur, Jubbal-Kotkhai and Arki .

He said the counting of the votes would begin on November 2, 2021 from 8 a.m. in a context of heightened security in the respective centers.

A recount assistant and a recount supervisor will be stationed at each table other than that of the returning officer at the recount center.

11 count observers were deployed for the parliamentary constituency of Mandi, while for the assembly constituencies of Fatehpur, Arki and Jubbal-Kotkhai, only three general observers were assigned as count observers.

Apart from that, a micro observer was also deployed at each counting table, Palrasu added.

He further stated that two separate centers have been set up for the counting of postal ballots and ETPBS votes from the parliamentary constituency of Mandi.

Likewise, a separate center has also been set up in the electoral districts of Fatehpur, Arki and Jubbal-Kotkhai for the counting of postal ballots and ETPBS votes.

In accordance with the directives issued in view of the Covid-19 epidemic, it will be forbidden to leave the victory processions by the winning candidates or their supporters after the proclamation of the results.

Apart from that, no more than two people will be allowed to accompany the winning candidate or his authorized representative when taking the certificate of election from the returning officer, he added.

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