Remember to be kind and courteous – Canon City Daily Record

There’s so much going on in the world. People have so much to think about. It seems that some people don’t think about the effect their behavior has on others. Simple courtesy seems obvious, but it may not be. Maybe a reminder will help.

In stores, please park your trolley at the side of an aisle rather than in the middle. Consider letting others pass while you consider a purchase. If you meet a friend and want to visit, pull your carts aside and be aware that other shoppers might want an item you’re blocking.

At the restaurant, when you have finished your meal, leave so that another party can have your table. Restaurants make their money by serving many customers, not by giving you a place to socialize.

At the dog park, keep yourself and your dogs away from the entrance. Allow others to enter and exit the park without obstacles. Your dogs may mean well when they jump up to greet a stranger, but they can hurt someone if they knock them down. Pay attention to what your dogs are doing, clean up after them, and monitor their behavior.

At the gas station, move your car away from the pump while you enter to buy snacks, use the restroom, etc., so others can pump gas without waiting for you.

People with disabilities, especially mobility issues, need disabled facilities in washrooms, changing rooms and parking lots. Please do not use them unless you qualify.

Wherever you are, if you want to have a conversation, step away from the doorway.

Treat staff wherever you go with courtesy and respect. They have a job to do and never deserve to be yelled at or scolded.

Let’s think of others and be kind and courteous.

Fran Miller,
Canon City

Rebuttal to Commissioner’s Column

Fremont County Commissioner Kevin Grantham’s right-wing political views are the subject of his letter.

On the 10 to 15% increase in wages for county employees that he mentioned, he forgot to say that the consumer price increase for the years 2021 and 2022, was 5.99% and 8, 7%, based on the International Monetary Fund’s consumer price inflation rate. increase.

Fremont employees who received a 10% raise still lost 4.6% of their ability to stay even with their cost of living. It’s one of Kevin’s main bargains.

Maybe a little collective bargaining could help level the playing field so their salaries can keep up with the cost of daily living.

Kevin also says it helps the county stay competitive with other counties in the state. I would like to point out to Kevin and the other county chief of Fremont that the median household income in Fremont, which is $49,409, is well below the median household income in Colorado, which is $77,127.

And if Grantham is so concerned about not seeing taxes rise, why does he belong to the Political Party, whose national tax plan will raise taxes for 75 million middle-class families by nearly $1,500 a year on average?

I will close by saying that I believe Grantham’s remarks are full of hypocrisy.

Richard Heitman,
Canon City