shimla: Hp presents GIS-based development plan for Shimla | News from Shimla

Shima: shimla The city will have a GIS-based development plan that will address several issues besides relieving the city’s residents, said Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj.
Chairing a meeting of the Town and Country Planning Department to consider the final draft of Shimla’s development plan, he said the plan was being prepared after 40 years and it was about a historic development. The objective of the meeting was to have a detailed deliberation of the main Shimla development plan proposals, before the finalization of the draft Shimla development plan. During the meeting, proposed zoning regulations and building regulations for various development activities under the draft 2041 development plan were discussed point by point. The meeting participants were briefed in detail on the various features and provisions of the draft development plan.
The Minister said that a detailed presentation of the Shimla planning area plan was given and several issues were discussed. He said the building guidelines for the entire Shimla are mainly divided into core area and non-core area.
He said proposed building regulations for the central area would include two floors, a habitable attic and parking, while three floors, a habitable attic and parking were suggested for the non-central area. He also pointed out that more flexibilities in terms of building height, number of stories and land use would be granted along major roads, including national/state highways.
After seeing the progress of the GIS-based development plan for Shimla planning area, the minister suggested going ahead with the development plan and notifying it by January 25. He said that after notification, the project will be presented for public notification, the minister said.