Specialty Vehicle Engineering adds 750 horsepower to a GMC Canyon

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Evoking a truck apparently designed specifically for Lord Vader, Jersey-based Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) gearheads are once again applying the “Syclone” nameplate to a GMC pickup truck with world-destroying amounts of horsepower. This time around, there’s 750 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque under the hood of this black and red compact pickup.

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Only 50 of these Canyon-based machines will be built. It uses the extended cab, short-bed platform as its base, pulling the stock powertrain in favor of a 5.3L V8 engine topped with an OEM-grade centrifugal supercharger. Its 8L90E automatic transmission has been suitably beefed up for the task and fitted with a custom high-stall torque converter.

Like the original Syclone, this truck is equipped with a permanent all-wheel-drive system, whose transfer case transmits 62% of the power to the rear wheels; and 38 percent at the fronts. High-performance six-piston calipers brake forward motion, while a two-inch drop up front and five-inch drop in the rear give this thing a mid-stance stance.

Any reader with the gift of sight will have noticed the marque’s color scheme, dipping the whole truck in a pot of inky black paint before adding all sorts of bright red additives meant to evoke the original Syclone. This underbody cladding is specific to this truck, as are the branded 20-inch wheels and 3D-style composite door badges.

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Also in the SVE stable, and further up your author’s alley, is the 2022 Xtreme Off-Road package. This effort also puts a 750-hp V8 on the nose of a midsize GM pickup, but selects the nifty ZR2 as its base instead of the street-focused model used for the Syclone. That means the nifty off-road DSSV shocks are on board, ready to soak up the inevitable desert dune hopping made capable by those 750 horsepower. Long-suffering GM fans will notice that the “Xtreme” name is also a callback to an older factory version from the late 90s/early 00s, although this one is no beast All Terrain.

We will take this opportunity to note that the crew of SVE is Also peddling a Yenko-branded 850-hp Silverado; and a 1,100 horsepower Camaro with a hood scoop big enough to suck up a herd of sheep.