Spencer by Kristen Stewart, an online lecture on Arthur Canon Doyle… Here are the best picks of the week

Watch and Relax: Spencer

Kristen Stewart transforms into Princess Diana for the film, which is a fictionalized account of the late Royal’s life amid marriage rumours. From dreams of a fictional character to suicidal thoughts… The psychological thriller shows Diana battling inner demons as she navigates the authoritarian royal life.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Participate: The Mystery of the Parsi Lawyer: Online Lecture by Shrabani Basu

Did you know that Arthur Canon Doyle, the creator of the famous fictional character and detective Sherlock Holmes, was actually involved in the investigation of a murder? In 1903, a young Parsee lawyer, George Edaji, was convicted of mutilating horses in a Staffordshire mining village. To clear his name appeals to Doyle. Author Shrabani Basu flips through the pages of police records, files and Home Office letters and follows in Doyle’s footsteps as he transforms into real-life Sherlock Holmes.

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Podcast: Anatomy of Murder

Murder mystery fans will enjoy this podcast, which examines each case in detail. From the case of a missing mother, to a navy ship turned into a crime scene, to a Gone Girl story… This podcast will keep you hooked for hours! A new episode is posted every Wednesday.

Where to listen: Spotify

Documentary: Street Food: Asia

Immerse yourself in the irresistible world of street food as several chefs take viewers on a culinary journey through their country. From India’s tasty conversation to South Korea’s food stalls at Gwangjan Market to hawkers giving insight into Singaporean food…this series has it all! What are you waiting for, go for it!

Where to watch: Netflix

Webtoon: double bond by love

Hyena Kim and Huiyeong Lee reincarnated multiple times to complete their love story but never succeeded. One day, Huiyeong’s soul is split in two by a servant of the Lovers’ Deity. And, now, the red thread of fate binds Hyena to the two halves of Huiyeong. As the two try to woo her, who will ultimately choose Hyena to end her romance?

Where to read:

Library: Uniform Civil Code by Dr. IA Saiyed

There are various reasons why India is unable to form a uniform civil code. Dr. IA Saiyed in his new book deciphers the various reasons why there is no single matrimonial law in India. What are the obstacles preventing the country from proposing? It also explains how India can overcome differences to achieve the goal.

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Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2022, 07:00 IST