The Boys Showrunner Confirms Spin-Off Finale Is Canon

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke confirms that the spinoff anime series finale, Diabolical, should be considered canon.

The boys showrunner Eric Kripke has confirmed that the spinoff anime series finale, Diabolicalis canon.

In an interview with VarietyKripke revealed that the final episode of The Boys Presents: Devilish“One Plus One Equals Two”, is, in fact, the canon of The boys universe. Written by evil showrunner Simon Racioppa, the episode focuses on Antony Starr’s Homelander and his introduction to the Seven, specifically his relationship with Black Noir. “The finale is canon, yes,” Kripke said. I thought he did a good job with that. I don’t think we had any specific plans for it to be canon for sure. But he did such a great job writing it and directing it, that watching it, I was like, ‘For sure that’s what happened.'”

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Kripke continued, “There’s some background setup to really understand the relationship between Homelander and Black Noir and give us a deeper understanding ahead of Season 3.”

In terms of the episode’s canonicity, Racioppa noted that he wanted “One Plus One Equals Two” to feel “connected” to The boys correct as possible. “It’s an episode with a bit of Homelander backstory, so I wanted to make sure it felt as close to the show as possible,” Racioppa said. “It’s got Black Noir in it. So we wanted to try and make it a good American action-animation influenced episode that feels like it’s really connected to the mothership. It’s the most connected episode to the mothership.”

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Before the release of Diabolical on Prime Video, Kripke said there would be “a few” episodes in the anime anthology series that would be canon for The boyseven if the others would just be “crazy”. The boys producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg served as writers for the eight-episode series, which also featured the writing talent of Awkwafina, Eliot and Ilana Glazer, Justin Roiland and Ben Bayouth, Andy Samberg, Aisha Tyler and l author of the original The boys comedy series the show is based on, Garth Ennis.

Season 3 of The boys wrapped filming in September last year and has already been picked up for season 4. The long-awaited third season began filming in late January 2021 in Toronto following production delays due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The third season release date has been officially announced after a long wait, with Kripke and The boys‘ social media periodically teasing season 3, while mocking anxious fans who repeatedly asked for updates, at one point stating that the season wouldn’t air until “2033.” While little is known about the plot, Kripke previously said the Season 3 premiere would be the “craziest” thing the show has done so far.

Season 3 of The boys premieres on Prime Video on June 3, 2022.

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