The Clone Wars finale pieced together Rex’s Order 66 story (but was it better?)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 changed the story of Rex’s Order 66 from Rebels and Ahsoka, and neither version is necessarily better than the other.

The revival of Disney+ Star Wars: The Clone Wars gave the series a second chance to end on its own terms, though it changed Rex’s Order 66 story in the process. Captain Rex, the main character of Clone Trooper in The Clone Warsmade a popular comeback as a recurring supporting character in star wars rebelsand is even heavily implied to have a retro cameo in Return of the Jedi. Naturally, the beloved Clone hero didn’t follow Order 66, but his original story involved in rebels and mentioned in the 2016 novel Ahsoka were crushed by The Clone Wars.

As the star wars Continuity of legends, star wars canon went into a corner by making the Republic Clone Troopers much more likable and well-characterized than their prequel-era origin implied, so Order 66 had to be explained. While clones were designed and conditioned to follow orders without question, being told to betray and murder their allies and friends, the Jedi, would require further explanation. In Legends, clones were subjected to the most intense indoctrination for Order 66, ensuring their compliance, while canon revealed that all Clone Troopers had mind control implants that changed their personality. in addition to having them betray the Jedi.


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Captain Rex’s original story revealed that the fan-favorite Clone Trooper has never followed Order 66 since he removed his control chip between the death of ARC Trooper Fives and the Siege of Mandalore. In The Clone Wars, he still had his chip and then attempted to kill his friend, Ahsoka Tano, until she overpowered him and removed the implant. Neither version is necessarily better than the other, because rebels and Ahsoka gave Rex more agency and underscored his growing skepticism of the Republic while The Clone Wars told a darker, more dramatic story with tragic ramifications.

Rex’s original Order 66 story shows that he took Fives’ warning to heart and secretly removed his control chip, not believing the Republic’s cover-up story about the chips after the attack. Assassination of Fives. As a result, Rex never followed Order 66 from the start, allowing him and Ahsoka to more easily escape the fledgling Galactic Empire. This version of Rex’s story makes him more proactive and less confident in an increasingly autocratic Republic, especially given the last words of his late friend, Fives.

In canon, Rex filed a complaint with the Republic after Fives’ death and secretly left notes expressing his fears that the Clone Control Chips may have some sinister secret purpose. This helped Ahsoka stun Rex and remove her chip, but not before nearly killing her when the order was issued. The Clone Wars’ The version also led to Rex killing some of his brothers in self-defense and leaving even more to die, including his friend Jesse, an ARC soldier who hadn’t removed his control chip.

While no version of Rex’s Order 66 story is necessarily better than the other, The Clone Wars should have respected the continuity of rebels and Ahsoka and faithfully adapted their version of Rex’s Order 66 experiments. the star wars The canonical timeline had an unfortunate habit of contradicting itself in ways that can’t be resolved by a simple retcon, with Kanan Jarrus’ Order 66 origin being overwritten in another property as well. It’s up to viewers and readers to decide which version of Rex’s Order 66 story they prefer, because Star Wars: The Clone Wars overwritten previous material in its final story arc.

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