The latest Bugatti model has less than 1 HP, a top speed of 18.5 MPH

Bugatti has meant a lot over the years, originally tied to a classic sports brand, yet in a modern form known for its exclusive and extremely expensive luxury hypercars. It’s probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of electric scooters, but the company will be providing just that in no time.

The scooter features a clean, plunging design that draws inspiration from the lines and colors most closely associated with Bugatti’s modern design language. If you want an electric scooter in a rich French blue, the Bugatti may be exactly what you are looking for; silver and black finishes are also available. The “aero” design uses a magnesium alloy frame to reduce weight to just 35 lbs.

The scooter will be built in partnership with Bytech, an American company which describes itself as “an active pioneer in the mobile accessories industry”. The company markets everything from phone mounts to Bluetooth speakers, although the electric scooter appears to be a new outlet for the brand.

The scooter rolls on 9 “wheels for a combination of maneuverability and good ride height. A 700W motor provides enough power to climb up a 15 degree incline, coupled with a 36V battery, 10 Ah which offers a range of about 35 km under The battery is removable and can be recharged from a standard wall outlet in about 4 hours.

Other cool features include a digital dashboard displaying speed and battery life, as well as a monogrammed taillight that projects the famous “EB” reverse ligature onto the ground behind the rider. There are also turn signals and a taillight for added safety. The scooter is designed to carry riders up to 242 lbs.

Those who expect Veyron-like performance, however, may be a bit disappointed. The scooter has three riding modes named Economy, City and Sport, suitable for top speeds of 9 mph, 12.5 mph and 18.5 mph respectively. However, for a vehicle designed to move through city streets, sheer top speed may not be so necessary.