We are looking into the possibility of implementing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in HP: Jairam Thakur

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur said on Monday that his government was looking into the possibility of implementing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the state.

Interacting with the media here, Thakur said, “I think UCC is a good move. We look at how to implement UCC in the context of Himachal Pradesh. A decision will be made later. »

Thakur, however, does not commit to whether the UCC will be implemented before the Assembly polls or not. “We are not ruling out, we are looking at how it will be implemented or how it can be improved. We have not set up a committee for this purpose but tell the official to look into it to find out how it will be done. The decision will be taken after having studied it well.

He said that after Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh started to actively consider implementing UCC.

Hitting Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Thakur said the AAP was not accepted in Himachal Pradesh. “AAP left nothing in the name of leadership in the state. AAP’s state chairman and chairwoman of its women’s wing join the BJP. The AAP has nothing in the name of leadership in the state. It must be understood that Himachal Pradesh has never accepted a third alternative,” Thakur said.

He alleged that in the absence of leadership, the AAP imported leaders from Punjab and Delhi and that they insulted the people of Himachal Pradesh by not allowing any of their heads of state to share the vehicle during Kejriwal tours. “They failed to form a unity state after their leaders left the party and sent leaders from Punjab and Delhi to manage its affairs in Himachal Pradesh. During the roadshows in Mandi Kangra, no AAP leader was allowed to share the “rath” with Kejriwal. Himachal is a small state, but people respect each other and will accept any insult from others,” the chief minister said.

Referring to Kejriwal’s pledge to deliver a corruption-free administration, Thakur said, “In the past four and a half years, there has not been a single allegation of corruption against our government. The political style of the AAP will not work there. Talking about recent assembly polls in five states, Thakur said, “In recent assembly polls, the BJP formed a government in four of the five states winning a second consecutive term. “Riwaz Badal gaya hai” (tradition has changed) and in Himachal Pradesh, the BJP will also form the government for a second term.

Commenting on the giveaways policy, Thakur said, “In a month, AAP will face huge challenges in implementing the announced giveaways in Punjab. On Himachal Pradesh day, we made an announcement which will be beneficial for some categories of people but not for everyone.