What Keaton’s Robin Means For Schumacher’s Batman Movies Being DCEU Canon

Batgirl reveals that Michael Keaton’s Batman took a Robin from its timeline, seemingly confirming the status of the Schumacher Batman movies in the DCEU canon.

Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight Robin artwork makes Joel Schumacher’s more likely Batman movies will not be canon in the DCEU. After a 30-year hiatus, Keaton returns to the role of Batman in the flash. It will also appear in bat girl, and the HBO Max movie teases that its Batman didn’t always work alone.

Keaton delivered a highly influential version of the Dark Knight in Tim Burton Batman and Return of Batman, which forever changed the perception of comic book movies. Burton and Keaton dropped the character when Warner Bros. moved the franchise from its dark, gothic tone into lighter territory. Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies have been criticized for being country-like, despite featuring Chris O’Donnell’s Robin and Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl. However, these interpretations of the characters will likely be erased from the DCEU canon.


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It was previously reported that the flash will ignore Schumacher’s Batman movies, continuing Keaton’s story directly. Filming is currently underway on bat girl and a teased set photo of Keaton’s Robin, with an in-universe mural indicating that Schumacher’s version is not canon for Keaton’s Batman. Although Schumacher’s Batman films contrast sharply with Burton’s tone, they were always intended as sequels. The DCEU seems eager to finally rewrite Keaton’s legacy and restore the Bat-Family.

by Schumacher batman forever introduced a neon-drenched Gotham that was more cartoonish than Burton’s macabre, noir style. This was developed with the notorious batman and robin, his overt humor and goofy characterization exacerbating the shocking departure from Burton’s Batman movies. Schumacher’s movies have always felt like a different universe, if not for a few ties to Keaton’s Batman. Michael Gough’s Alfred Pennyworth and Pat Hingle’s Commissioner Gordon appeared in all four films, providing at least some continuity. There were also brief but indirect references to Burton films, starring Val Kilmer batman forever role involving his parents being murdered by the Joker (Jack Nicholson). Despite these loose relationships, Schumacher’s two Batmans have never matched Keaton. Schumacher’s most notable addition to the series was O’Donnell’s Dick Grayson/Robin, but bat girlThe artwork in Keaton’s Robin teased universe won’t be the same version.

the bat girl The mural depicts a younger Batman with an altered costume, while Robin’s costume looks much closer to his comic counterpart than in Schumacher’s Batman movies. This Boy Wonder is also younger than Chris O’Donnell’s Dick Grayson, and he’s not the Robin of the Batman Comedy sequel to 1989. It’s more likely that Schumacher’s films will be retconned in favor of a new interpretation that aligns more closely with Keaton’s Dark Knight tone. Additionally, Dick is often romantically linked to Barbara Gordon, and O’Donnell would be too old to bring that plotline into the DCEU. the flash and bat girl need to demonstrate how much Keaton’s vigilante has changed since Return of Batman and starting over with a new Robin would provide a compelling angle that teases uncharted stories in the years since. The mural is clearly from the heyday of the Dark Knight, so Keaton’s Robin might not even appear in bat girl. He could be retired, separated from Batman and working alone as Nightwing (like the discontinued O’Donnell and Schumacher spinoff), or even dead.

Robin’s disappearance was a crucial part of Affleck’s Batman backstory. However, if Affleck leaves the role for good after the flash, the DCEU could choose to finally capitalize on this plot via Keaton’s Robin. JK Simmons returns as Gordon in bat girl, so it’s reasonable to assume that Keaton’s universe could merge with the existing DCEU. That doesn’t mean O’Donnell’s Robin should be completely forgotten. The Multiverse concept means revisiting his version is always a possibility, but removing Schumacher’s Batman canon DCEU movies is the best decision. An appearance by O’Donnell could be fun and even save part of Schumacher’s universe, but giving Michael Keaton’s Batman his own Robin would make his return more meaningful.

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