When is the Panasonic GH6 mirrorless camera released?

Try 2022.

As it turns out, like a lot of things under Covid, the much anticipated Panasonic Lumix GH6 mirrorless camera has been delayed.

Via PetaPixel, Panasonic released a short statement confirming that it has indeed delayed the release of the GH6 to “early 2022”. Pasted into Google Translate, it reads as follows:

Lumix GH6 Reviews

Thank you for your loyalty to Panasonic products.

Regarding the “LUMIX GH6” Single Lens Mirrorless Camera which was developed and announced on May 26, 2021.

We were aiming for commercialization by 2021, but it should be delayed.

Currently, we are targeting commercialization in early 2022.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who expect this product.

Apologize deeply.

December 16, 2021
Panasonic Corporation

Source: Panasonic website

Previously, Panasonic had announced the release of the camera this year. However, as we all know too well, 2021 has been a tough year for just about any company that makes … well, just about anything. And, obviously, that would include mirrorless cameras. Given the headwinds in the supply chain and all that is going on in the world, it is just no surprise that the GH6 is being delayed.

In any case, for many, it may not be a big deal.

First of all, if need be, you can always buy the (still!) Stellar Panasonic Lumix GH5. You get what you pay for. For just $ 1,897, you get an incredible camera that packs a punch: 10-bit 4K 4: 2: 2 video, 4K / 60 for slow motion, 5-axis IBIS, HDMI output, two SD card slots, monitoring tools shooting (zebra, waveform), V-Log for a flat image profile that can easily be graduated by color in post, WiFi and Bluetooth, and more. All this in a compact package that weighs just 645g. Large enough.

While shooting Stark Insider videos and experimental shorts, I found the IBIS to be very good. So good that I used it to shoot CRAZY OR DIE. Embed below.

WATCH: Crazy or Die (Panasonic GH5)

What is essential is invisible to the eyes.

A short film by Clinton and Loni Stark.

Supply chain, inflation, global pandemic: GH6 is delayed, but there is still powerful GH5 …

Then there is the fact that many video projects are delayed or on hold. Aside from businesses (where the GH5 / GH6 would be well suited in many cases), events such as live events, weddings, and other projects where large numbers of people congregate have probably not returned to the business. pre-pandemic levels. Waiting until 2022 is therefore probably not a big deal.

New GH series cameras are coming!  Panasonic Lumix GH5 Mark II, Panasonic Lumix GH6 Ad Specifications
The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is as good a 4K video camera as you can remember. True in 2017. True in 2021. And true in 2022. Not to mention, now at a bargain price.

I will say this: Panasonic makes mirrorless cameras for video.

As a former Canon EOS fan, I was amazed when I bought a GH5 in 2017. So, everything is fine! From that point on, I used it (along with a RED Dragon for studio stuff) for our Stark Insider video projects.

Sadly, I sold it earlier this year to be a bit of a piggy bank in anticipation of ordering a GH6 on day one. Never mind. Good things happen to those who wait, don’t they?

That sophisticated camera you love? It’s just a tool …

Still, like I said before here (ad nauseum I’m sure) cameras are cool and stuff. Ultimately, however, these are just tools. People don’t love paintbrushes. Point the thing at something. Focus. Push registration. Here we go.

My suspicions, just a theory: the camera is the less important part of your project, mine or anyone else.

Yes that’s right, there are some features that are valuable and can help you get, say, a particular look (REDcode being a great example of an approximation of a digital film negative). But there is so much more to any given project that will make more of a difference:

The scenario. Lighting. The movement of the camera. The game. The sets. The wardrobe. Sound design.

Make your choice.

Heck, even the crafting services and making sure that the people around you or well fed, happy and energetic will be far more important than if you were shooting something on a Sony Alpha, a Panasonic, a Canon or whatever happens. at the last flavor of the month. to be.

Full frame! Full frame! Full frame!

(forget that)

And don’t get me started on the full frame trend. Micro four thirds? Absolutely fine. APS-C. Absolutely fine.

Have you ever tried to focus with a full frame camera while shooting a video with a lens stopped?

What does a full frame camera offer you creatively that another guy wouldn’t?

Are you sure there is nothing else hindering your project?

(it seems partly therapeutic)

People love to read about the Panasonic GH5

Loni Stark in CRAZY OR DIE by Clinton Stark - Shot on Panasonic GH5
Still from ‘Crazy or Die’ – with a crazy color.

Okay, I’ll admit, I like sneaking into these little rants every now and then when the camera news hits the wire.

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The GH5 has proven to be one of, if not the, most popular topics on Stark Insider, driving pretty decent traffic to these pages. So it seems to be a very popular camera. No doubt his successor will be too. I look forward to testing the GH6 in the New Year and for years to come.

In the meantime, have a good shoot!

And happy holidays!