Where The New Star Wars Hotel Fits Into The Biggest Canon Franchise

Since Galaxy’s Edge opened, customers have been able to interact with the world through the Play Disney app on their phone. They can hack terminals, scan crates, listen to secret broadcasts, all within the confines of the world of Black Spire Outpost. For those aboard the Halcyon, there are additional levels of interaction. Missions that send you to the surface. We’ve talked about coaxium before, but one mission had me using pieces of spy gear inside Oga’s cantina. I had to get the coordinates of a forger who would help in a mission that would further the cause of the Resistance. I had to show a secret picture to my bartender. When they came back they put a coaster in front of me with a QR code which I had to scan into my app containing the contact details I needed. This allowed me to exchange messages with the Forger, who sent me on missions that would be a prerequisite for them to do the work the Resistance needed.

It added a level to Galaxy’s Edge that I’ve been craving since the park opened and hopefully they can add more for regular park patrons rather than just the golden passengers aboard the Halcyon.

As planet-side missions are completed, your itinerary for the rest of the evening aboard the ship is being built. These actions determine where you will be and what part of the story you will experience before the final battle between Rey and Kylo Ren, who both end up on the Halcyon for the thrilling finale.