Whitehaven replaced the open-air exhibition with the Canon photography company

In Whitehaven, a popular exhibit was shut down after vandals degraded the images.

The Canon photography company has come forward and provided replacements which will be in a new location at Sugar Tongue Whitehaven Marina.

Dean Hodgson, Head of Customer Services at Canon, said, “We have a big deal in the region and as part of this contact we have a social impact commitment to give back to the local community.

“It is important that cities present their history of what it was and what it is now by educating the public.

“I’m local in the area and I had seen the damage and seen Gerard’s post on social media, so we reached out to him to offer our support.”

The new photographs show historical images of Whitehaven over the years, some are the same, but there are new additions.

The images are there to promote the full exhibition which took place at the Beacon Museum, also on the city’s marina.

To protect the images and prevent any other act of vandalism, the photos are now placed in an area covered by video surveillance.

They have also been printed on a stronger metallic material which will prevent them from breaking like two were before.

Raymond Gill, Deputy Mayor of Whitehaven, said, “We welcome Canon’s help, any help we can get to support the city is welcome.

“We appreciate that they are doing this on our behalf.”

“It’s great and it’s good for the city. It was a surprise as we weren’t expecting this.

“What they brought is far superior to what we had before.”

“Any kind of street art that brings back memories of Whitehaven will be welcome.”

“My personal thanks go to Canon and everyone who helped make this happen.”

Gerard Richardson, a local business owner who helped organize the exhibit, said: “What a great community gesture from a national company.

“It’s even more special because we didn’t ask for the support. Canon UK came to us, so all credit goes to them and I hope everyone will enjoy the images we have placed on the tongue of sugar.”

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