Why curbing the Seinfeld reunion from your enthusiasm isn’t Canon

The Seinfeld cast are reunited for a scripted reunion on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but is the special considered canon?

Larry David’s Seinfeld career is a recurring topic in Calm your enthusiasm, which culminated when he brought the cast back for a non-canon reunion. Calm your enthusiasm premiered in 2000 as a comedy series following a fictional version of Larry David while cruising in Hollywood afterSeinfeld. The show is almost an extension of Seinfeld, showing Larry in everyday American life where his lack of social graces constantly gets him in trouble, similar to what happens to George Costanza in almost every episode of Seinfeld.

Although Larry David’s career spans beyond Seinfeld, he argues that everyone knows him as the show’s co-creator, and that status can give him a boost when he needs it. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander return throughout Calm your enthusiasm, usually in a way where they’re annoyed by Larry if he needs anything. The actors usually made separate appearances until Larry brought them back to reprise their roles in an official. Seinfeld reunion in season 7. Larry and Jerry wrote the long-awaited episode, although the former only uses it as a way to win back his ex-wife Cheryl.

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Since then Calm your enthusiasm episode aired, fans wondered if the new storylines of the reunion show were being factored in or not Seinfeld cannon. In Calm your enthusiasmThe fictional version of Hollywood is meant to be a legitimate episode, but in the real world, no, it’s not canon. Certain aspects like Cheryl David – and not actress Cheryl Hines – that are chosen in the episode indicate the Seinfeld the reunion does not exist in any real context, so it cannot be considered a real extension of the original series. Likewise, the real David always said he had no interest in making a Seinfeld meeting. He described Pavementas a way to have a reunion without having one, just bringing the actors and their characters back in a fun and more relaxed way.

Some of the confusion about the canonical aspect of Pavement‘s Seinfeld special comes from an actual script written for the fictional episode by one of the Seinfeldancient writers. the Calm your enthusiasm the episode is technically the first time since SeinfeldThe cast’s Season 9 finale was brought together in a scripted reprise of their roles, so fans wondered if that suggested they could include the new developments in the character bios. The original set of Jerry’s apartment has been recreated and several recurring cast like Wayne Knight have been brought back for Pavement‘s table read, so it seemed to have a trace of legitimacy.

Pavement‘s Seinfeld Special included new details like Jerry giving Elaine sperm to have a baby and George marrying a woman who amassed a fortune developing the iPhone app “iToilet”. Most of the fake episodes deal with the plot written by Larry, in which George is desperately trying to get back together with his wife. The episode also includes a thoughtful joke from Jerry when he says “we already messed up a final, referring to SeinfeldThe badly received series finale. As angry fans usually do, viewers wanted Seinfeld to return and properly end the story of his beloved characters, who Calm your enthusiasmThe episode’s essentially achieves – albeit not canonically.

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