Why ‘Daredevil’ Should Be Canon In The MCU

daredevil gained a loyal following after its three seasons aired on Netflix. And after it was canceled, many were crushed, but that didn’t stop them from campaigning for other streaming services to save it. Now, daredevil and all of the Defenders series are streaming on Disney+, and there are talks of some characters appearing in future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. However, this does not mean that the MCU should ignore the events of daredevil.

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Disney+ is not including ‘Daredevil’ in its MCU collection

Following the departure of daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron fist, The Punisherand The defenders from Netflix, Disney+ has announced that it will be the new streaming home for the Marvel Defenders series. However, fans noticed something suspicious when the shows came to Disney+. The streaming service did not include daredevil and the other series in his MCU collection.

Disney+ lists all MCU shows and movies in two categories – “Marvel Cinematic Universe in Timeline Order” and the MCU phase they are in. daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron fist, The Punisherand The defenders are nowhere on these lists. Instead, subscribers can find them under “The Defenders Saga” category in the Marvel tab.

However, there was a silver lining for fans. By RBC, updated their Daredevil/Matt Murdock character on-screen biography to include his appearance in Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Many fans took this as confirmation that all three seasons of daredevil were in the MCU since the third Spider Man the film is canon in-universe.

Unfortunately, Marvel later removed Spider-Man: No Coming Home of Matt’s character profile. Many fans assume his addition was an accident, so they’re worried Marvel won’t consider daredevil as part of the MCU.

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A reboot is in progress

Charlie Cox has confirmed that he will continue to play Daredevil in the MCU after his appearance in Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Marvel has yet to verify which project the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will be next in. But rumors and possible production slates could point to a new show on the horizon for Daredevil.

Weekly output writes a “daredevil restart” in a March 17 report. He detailed that the project includes Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and marvel’s behind the mask Chris Gary as producers. The report also contained a synopsis of the series. Unfortunately, the description didn’t reveal any new information about the vigilante’s backstory.

Let’s assume a reboot is indeed what Marvel Studios has in the works for Charlie Cox and Daredevil. In this case, it doesn’t bode well for the original. daredevil the series being part of the MCU canon. Fans think Marvel will ignore what happened in the first three seasons of daredevil and start a new story with the vigilante. But that would be detrimental to the quality of the narration of daredevil and some of the other Defenders series.

“Daredevil” and the Defenders series are an integral part of the MCU

There is no doubt in our mind that daredevil should be canon in the MCU. First, the series and its spinoffs alluded to events in the Marvel movies, including newspaper clippings from the Battle of New York. So Netflix has already established that the Defenders shows take place alongside the MCU movies. But that doesn’t mean Disney can’t and won’t ignore this fact.

Of course, there have been a few hiccups with the Defenders series (we’re looking at you, iron fist). But for the most part, the shows captivated viewers with their dynamic storylines and complicated characters. And daredevil is a fan favorite for a reason.

The series explored a darker side of the MCU, one that audiences had never seen before. And he wasn’t afraid to show the negative sides of the characters. Matt, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page have flaws and fans hated them as much as they loved them. But it proves how authentic daredevil is despite its superhero roots and why it’s such an important Marvel show.

Ignore daredevil as part of the MCU canon would be a slap in the face for the cast, crew, and fans who loved the show so much. Moreover, it would also be confusing. Unfortunately, it looks like Marvel might be rebooting Matt Murdock’s character and ignoring his past on the Netflix series.

daredevil is now streaming on Disney+.

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